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Monday, July 09, 2007

The MSM - Doggedly Pursuing The Story Defeat

Michael Yon once again demonstrates that the MSM does not want us to understand what we are facing in Iraq. The AP, Reuters, and all of the other news agencies which don't have half the cojones that Michael Yon has cannot tell you about the good news from Iraq, nor the terror that al Qaeda is visiting upon the people in Iraq.

The press has decided that we must pull out of Iraq, regardless of the consequences or the facts on the ground. They have never been objective reporters and journalists. They choose to take the word of unnamed Iraqi stringers, some of whom may actually be on the payroll of the insurgency or al Qaeda. If the US military makes a statement or information is passed on to them from Iraqis that might put the US and its military in a positive light, it is immediately deemed to be suspicious. Even when they learn of the facts themselves, they refuse to report them.

Read Michael Yon's full post to understand what I'm talking about.

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Anonymous said...

All American Ranter writes:

This whole Iraq thing has been about marketing from the beginning. The primeval need and basic instinct for security got aggravated after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 creating a huge vacuum in the minds and hearts of Americans. Americans shaken out of their homeostasis would have believed anything including if someone had made the case that Mongolia was Muslim and was responsible. Most Americans because of their selective perception could not see the difference between Afghanistan and Iraq. The war was marketed to this great unfulfilled and suddenly realized basic need very easily. A tyrant with evil motives toward the US sitting on stockpiles of WMD, oil and connected to 9/11 was a great selling point. And then it was shock and awe, a rejoinder to 9/11 with Baghdad bombed to dust; bombing Afghanistan was of no satisfaction as it had nothing worthy to bomb in the first place.

I still support this war but not the reasons why this thing was waged. The real reasons must have been based on getting rid of a tyrant, liberating the Shia majority and their holy places and experimenting with a multi-ethnic democracy in the heart of the Middle East. It is a different story that not many Americans would have bought such arguments.

Anyhow, now can someone say how many Iraqis have died so far in this? Is there any reliable count? Again, now it is all about marketing internal marketing that is. I mean marketing the war to fellow Americans. Whether the actual “war” is actually won in Iraq or not, it is already considered a lost case internally among the American public. The administration has already lost the war of winning public opinion in the United States. Now, for the administration, it is all about legacy. I don’t support any ‘cut and run’ even at this stage. However, can we not ask for some international help if it is possible? Should we turn this into an ego battle of us versus the rest of the world?

Yes, the media is biased; so are the government reports. That the US media including the most “liberal” ones is also jingoistic even as it may not realize this. Just look at how routinely they ignore international news of importance, I mean the so called liberal media as well. No one knows what the facts are anymore. The lines between facts and fiction are completely blurred. Are we living in Honecker’s East Germany now?

9/11 was like raiding an open house; now, the pendulum has swung to the opposite side. Read the irrational Dubai ports fiasco and how the US Congress responded. Look how irrationally that body supposed to be “the greatest elected body of the freest republic of the free world” behaved with respect to the Terry Schiavo case. Your blog says it has room for libertarians. With faith moved from the intensely personal domain between the Self and the Creator to the public domain in the form of reliable vote banks that elected officials cannot antagonize, the lines of difference between the overt theocracy of Iran and the covert theocracy of America are not that clear either. The US Congress was no better than the Iranian Majlis during the Schiavo fiasco. The Chief Executives off the cuff explanations for the Iraq war have ranged from “they tried to kill my dad”, to “God asked me to” to “we need oil security.”

We can afford this war and more. It is not about the money. It is about marketing. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is suffering incredibly for more than a decade. If not war, can we use our hyperpowerdom to free her for GOD’s sake? She is in total solitude no access to friends, family or media I believe. Not having access to the last I don’t envy as it is hard to tell fact from fiction any more.

A concerned All American Ranter