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Saturday, June 30, 2007

iPhone Release Madness in San Francisco

People camped out in lines wrapping around the block, TV camera crews, cops, this humble historian (taking pic)... yep it was the evening of the release of Apple's new iPhone in San Francisco.

Your Co-Conspirator,

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Brian said...

So did you get one?

The ad's make me want to buy one... the price tag.. not so much...

Anonymous said...

bitter humble pie says:

knew the iphone will do well...according to my friend who works in microsoft a genius is one who knows what will happen tells it exactly and even does it ...he fucking called me one...even though he is highly smart...i must have renewed the options...left in a hurry....why is America not living up to its ideals as much as it should...still better than many places...but could do a better job..

bitter humble angry mad mad pie genius NOT

Monterey John said...

No, Brian, I wasn't willing to stand in line. Evenhj my son Will, serious toy addict that he is, passed for now.

Hey, we were on our way to a Hot Tuna concert at the Fillmore.