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Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Rovian Conspiracy Gets Results!!!

H/T Gateway Jim

It seems that once again, Another Rovian Conspiracy can be credited with the downfall of a Democrat politician.

The New York Times gives us the credit we deserve:

Ex-Governor Says Conviction Was Political

MONTGOMERY, Ala., June 26 — The convicted former governor of Alabama, Don E. Siegelman, faced prosecutors who urged a long prison sentence here on Tuesday in a federal corruption case that has unexpectedly transcended the confines of this sleepy state capital.

The talk in the courtroom was of local things — dubious warehouses, a landfill, a lucrative hospital. But as he emerged from court today, Mr. Siegelman, a Democrat, tried to paint a bigger picture, saying he was a victim of Karl Rove, the senior political adviser in the White House.

“The origins of this case are political,” Mr. Siegelman said. “There’s no question that Karl Rove’s fingerprints are all over this case, from the inception.”

His words, in turn, have been fueled by an affidavit that seems to link his prosecution to high government circles, which has given the case a serious jolt.

Mr. Siegelman was convicted of bribery, conspiracy and mail fraud last year after being accused of persuading Richard M. Scrushy, then the chairman of the HealthSouth Corporation, to pay off $500,000 in debt from a lottery campaign the governor had initiated, in exchange for a seat on a state hospital licensing board. Mr. Scrushy was also convicted.

You see, Karl sent us off to go and convince Scrushy (evil HMO corporate fatcat that he is) to approach Siegelman about the $500k....

And this final bit from the Times' story is juicy:
Politics did not come up in the intricate court calibrations of the defendants’ relative culpability on Tuesday, all with an eye to assessing how long they might spend in jail. Nonetheless, the idea that the government had plunged forward heedlessly with a grab-bag of charges against Mr. Siegelman, and was still trying to convict him of it, fueled his lawyers’ arguments.

“The government is asking that he be penalized for every single thing he was charged with, whether he was acquitted or not,” said Susan James, a Siegelman lawyer. “The government drastically lost the case,” she said. “We strongly object to the court considering acquitted conduct.”

Hmmmm... I seem to recall Patrick Fitzgerald trying to get Libby sentenced for disclosing the Id of a secret CIA agent, even though he was never charged with that offense. I wonder how the Times covered that storyline...

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Monterey John said...

Damn, that's enought to make a fella proud!

Anonymous said...


you started early in the morning in the midddle of your new that why they are outsourcing all that crap? anyhow, i have a feeling the whole big thing is collapsing while you are obsessed about some alabama sh.t


Monterey John said...

Huh? See: non sequitur.