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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Rosie by Any Other Name Is... (Part 2)

... still a @%#^%ing whacko!

Part 1 Here (which provides a picture of the damage sustained by WTC7 - which Rosie will not recognize. No doubt it was just a good photoshop job).

Yesterday on The View, Rosie opined that Rudy Giuliani is deeply involved in the 9/11 Conspiracy, since:

  1. e moved the steel from the WTC wreckage to China;
  2. he made sure that his Emergency Command Center was in WTC 7
  3. he didn't follow government directives and give emergency workers respirators - so they'd all die and wouldn't be able to Speak Truth To PowerTM about what they saw there

Of course, Rosie dismisses all evidence that counters her faith in a conspiracy. I'm just waiting for her to blame it all on the Jews.

Man, I hope they another whackjob to replace her when she leaves. I mean, it's tough to find someone this sincerely stupid to laugh at. Perhaps Cynthia McKinney could fill in?

**** Update - ARC: Brian ****
Popular Mechanics has a great rebuttal to the Rosie diatribes:
For more detail on one aspect of the talk show’s conversation, our expanded report in book form, Debunking 9/11: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up To The Facts, describes the volcanic forces that Ms. Hasselbeck referenced on Monday: “[A] seismology report prepared at Columbia University provides a glimpse into how that damage [to the southwest corner of WTC7] was caused. The report notes that the collapses of the Twin Towers caused little ground instability, but nevertheless discharged a massive amount of energy—as much as 107 joules in the kinetic energy of dust and debris. Except for temperature, the effect was similar to the energy contained in the pyroclastic ash given off in volcanic eruptions. ‘Only a very small portion of the [gravitational energy associated with the collapse of each tower] was converted into seismic waves,’ the report states. ‘Most of the energy went into deformation of buildings and the formation of rubble and dust.’”

The report continues: “Most of the effects of those collapses on adjacent structures and people were related to the kinetic energy of falling debris and the pressure on buildings exerted by dust- and particle-laden air mobilized by falling debris.” From 300 hundred yards away—the distance from the North Tower to WTC7—that debris cloud devastated the base of World Trade Center 7. —Davin Coburn

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Comments (2)
Brian said...

I still can't believe she's still spouting the steel doesn't melt due to fire.

Monterey John said...

There's nothing wrong with Rosie that 400 or 500 mikes of thorazene wouldn't straighten out.