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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Left Coast View of the Debate

First, as to the questioners, one, who shall remain nameless, did his best to be Chris Mathews. If he asked Rudy one more abortion question I was going to turn off the TV. One was OK, but to keep beating on it was absurd. Hey folks, we are at war. National security is the dominant issue and deserves the most attention.

Brit Hume and Chris Wallace were fine... ooops, guess I just I identified the offender.

On balance, a vast improvement from the MSNBC fiasco.

Romney was impressive. As always he is poised and articulate. Solid is the word that came to mind.

Duncan Hunter continues to impress. I liked his answer to the question based on the hypothetical suicide attacks on shopping malls. "That would be a one minute conversation with the SecDef."

Tommy Thompson... puh-lease go away.

McCain, HONEST. As Popeye would say, "I yam what I yam." Yeh, and I don't particularly care for his views or his friends Kennedy and Feingold. Still, you have to admire the guy for hanging tough.

Tancredo, puh-lease go away.

Ron Paul, whackjob from Texas, consider in depth therapy and heavy medication.

Huckabee did well. This is a good man even if he is from Hope, Arkansas.

Brownback, solid guy but clearly out of his depth.

Rudy was the Rudy I know and love. I thought he was in his prime last night. When it was suggested we had invited the 9/11 attacks he was superb. Talk about emotional control. He did as well with the social issues as could be expected.

I left someone out... oh yeh, Governor Gilmore. No wonder I forgot him.

Rudy did the best job in my estimation.

Anyway, that's how I saw it last night.

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ARC: MontereyJohn

Comments (2)
Brian said...

Rudy did do a good job. Nice job taking the initiative after the idiotic Paul comment.

He's got a long way to go to winning the nomination in places like SC though.

George said...

I didn't watch the "debate" but I agree with your assessment of the candidates a priori.