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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gonzales has got to go

No, not for the attorney filings, or for any nefarious conspiracy with Karl Rove, but rather for this statement:

Since the April 16 shootings that left 33 people dead, including the gunman, at Virginia Tech, some have suggested that the carnage might have been lower if a student or professor with a gun had stepped in.

“I don’t think that is the answer quite frankly,” said Gonzales, who was participating in a governor’s task force to study safety and security on Oklahoma college campuses.

Instead, authorities should enforce existing laws concerning the ownership and use of handguns, he said.

“We can’t guarantee complete security,” Gonzales said. “We need to see what we can do as a government — on the federal level, on the state level — to ensure the safety of our students.”

Of course you can't gaurantee complete security, which is why you shouldn't hobble those that want to take the responsibility for their own security. Instead, "gun-free" zones, such as the one at Virginia Tech, ensure that the only ones with guns are the ones that will not follow the law.

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Monterey John said...


Gonzales has to go because he's opposed to having guns on campus?

I can see an argument here, and holding to one side of it is not cause for dismissal.

Now the real reason he should have been let go was for playing it way to cute with Congress. It got him in trouble. It was a stupid thing to do.

Stupid is a reason for dismissal.

Anonymous said...

Can I quote you on that, John?

Stupid Country

St Wendeler said...

Stupid Country!!! WoooooT!

Welcome back, my friend! The nutroots have been missing you and I was concerned. Was about to delist you from the Lefty Moonbat Blogroll, but I see that that's not necessary.

Glad that you're doing well... and hope that you update your site with some posts soon.

As I point out here and in many previous posts, I hate the echo chamber and wish that your side had the same opinion.

I welcome the debate, even if at the end we both agree that we can't agree. At least we've had the conversation and recognize for ourselves that the other side is completely nuts.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, well I'm willing to do a little work to stay on your moonbat list.

Actually I posted yesterday for the first time in months. Allow me to share something your readers will no doubt enjoy -- a Libertarian meditation on Iraq, from the Cato Institute. Some of you here identify yourselves as Libertarians. I don't, but sometimes good ideas come from the damnedest places.