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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Companies 'preying' on the poor

Cafey Hayek has a wonderful fisking of an article about how companies, through the use of better information are able to extend credit to people that they haven't been able to perhaps in the past. Namely, the poor. Business Week apparently thinks this is predatory.

It's an excellent article, and I suggest you read it all, but this comment really struck out at me.

The main theme of the article is that sometimes, poor people end up worse off by borrowing money. The fault is the company that lent the money:

"People are being encouraged to live beyond their means by companies that are preying on low-income consumers," says Jacob S. Hacker, a political scientist at Yale.

You know Mr. Hacker, some might say that Yale is an institution that is quite predatory upon its students. Charging exorbitant tuition rates for its education value. Why I'll bet some people are being "encouraged to live beyond their means by " attending Yale. What with tuition running around $33,030 a year.

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