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Monday, May 21, 2007

Andrew "I hate W because he won't let me marry" Sullivan Attacks Instapundit

Andrew Sullivan has lost any toehold he had to reality when, in this post, he claims that Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) and Tom Maguire (JustOneMinute) are pro-torture:

But what Reynolds and Maguire and others support is the permanent routine use of torture, legally protected, and a cadre of professional CIA torturers trained to do it on a regular basis.

Not sure where he got that information - no doubt from his friends at DailyKos, Glenn Greenwald, et al.

Instapundit reacts with this post, the key snippet of which is:
[..]If Sullivan thinks it's an injustice to point this out about McCain, then what kind of injustice is Sullivan doing to me?

A sad and predictable one, I guess, made sadder by Sullivan's failure to even link my post, allowing him to put a rather dishonest spin on my alleged beliefs. I've tried, honestly, not to get in these pissing matches with Andrew, but apparently he can't help himself with this stuff. But to be clear: I'm against torture. I'm also against moralistic, dishonest, self-righteous preening about torture. Andrew is a repeat offender in the latter category, and it's gone beyond embarrassing to pathetic.

Various people in and out of the blogosphere have wondered exactly when, how, and why Andrew lost it. But lost it he has.

Dan Collins at ProteinWisdom asks us to note when we became aware that Andrew "lost it." For Dan, it was when Andrew started talking approvingly of blogs like Glenn Greenwald.

Well, I'd have to say that it was when Andrew started to attack Bush because he preferred to not force states to have a pro-same sex marriage policy. That's around the time that we put Wizbang's Andrew Sullivan Freak-Out Advisory Meter on the right-hand sidebar.

And let's be honest - while Andrew is conservative on some issues, when it comes to the major issues of the day (war, questions of jurisprudence, etc), he's no different than the hordes of Kossacks - always ascribing the worst possible motives to Bush (HALLIBURTON!!!) and the GOP.

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