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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why I Am for Rudy

Because he said in New Hampshire yesterday about the Jihadists that, "They are out to kill us."

From no candidate have I seen nor heard a more concise, cogent or heartfelt statement of what our enemies are out to do. He went on to say that so long as he has anything to say about it the United States will never be on the defensive with our enemy as it was prior to 9/11. This is Churchillian. It is what I need to hear to fire me up and go to work for a candidate. He is worth the effort.

I know Rudy has personal baggage, a lot of personal baggage. So did Churchill. He holds views contrary to my own with regard to gun control and abortion. But I am willing to set all that aside because he is right on the major issue of our times, the war against the Jihadists. Everything is secondary to that issue.

So, in the next day or two I will contact his people here in California and offer my efforts and skills.

I could write more, but why? He said it and he won my heart and head. Rudy for president!

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: MontereyJohn

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Desert Rat said...

I'm leaning toward Fred Thompson myself, but I'll support the party's nominee. I shudder when I look at the slate of Chamberlainesque turkey buzzards the Democrats are putting up.

George said...

My choice is Rudy because he isn't afraid to say what he thinks. The dead opposite is "Give 'em Hooey" Harry Reid -- and a preponderance of other politicians. Austen Bay used that term to describe Reid.

jcrue said...

Hello All,

A fellow Nevadan and I have created a site where Nevadans and Americans alike can express their disgust with and opposition to Harry Reid -

We oppose his stance on Iraq. We oppose his adverse support of our troops. We oppose his defection to the lunatic wing of the (D) party. And we oppose his betrayal of the will of the people of Nevada.

Please spread the word, post a link, do whatever is in your power to help us get this off the ground.

We are selling bumper stickers and will have in place shortly a process with which you may send flowers to the senator (yellow pansies to be exact). These are the first two of hopefully more campaigns to express the country's disapproval of Harry Reid.

I have held the belief since my deployment in Desert Storm that "support of the troops is not about the intent, but rather about the effect". I learned this lesson first hand and I stand by it. As long as our troops' morale and welfare is adversely effected by the games the (D)s are going to play, we need to stand in very vocal opposition to them.

This also means putting the fire under the butts of our (R) representatives and our President. Right now, they are getting their butts handed to them because they are not vocal and passionate enough about this battle in D.C.

We are losing the PR war at home. This is no longer about Iraq per se, this is about protecting our troops, their mission, and their families from another Vietnam. Are we willing to put this country and our finest men and women through this again?

I think not. And we are going to do our damned-est to see that it doesn't happen.

Thanks for your time.

Semper Fi,

//jay l.
aka jcrue