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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We Are All Hokies

I haven't commented on the tragedy in Blacksburg, VA primarily because this is a purely political (and conspiratorial) blog. Any post here would be insufficient in describing the grief and sense of loss that all of America is feeling right now. These were kids with bright futures who were gunned down by a sick, twisted freak.

Now is not the time for some political blog such as this (which pokes fun of the conspirazoid Left) to comment on such a tragedy - or even to dig through the mad rantings of the moonbats on TV and in the blogosphere for some idiotic comment that I can poke fun of.

And as long as the Moonbats keep this tragedy from becoming a political issue, it will remain that way.

Gateway Pundit has had excellent coverage on the tragedy, including this video clip providing details of the victims.

We Are All Hokies

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