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Friday, April 13, 2007

Just Because You Are an Islamophobe Doesn't Mean They Aren't Out to Kill you

Earlier today I thought about that old line, "just because you are a paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you." I do not remember why it occurred to me. But that's not whyI'm writing this.

Shortly after that old saw occurred to me I thought, "just because you are an Islamophobe doesn't mean they aren't out to kill you." The thought made me laugh. Now what is funny about that?

After some cogitating on the subject it came to me. If a person says the Islamofascists are out to kill us, the moonbats call that person an Islamophobe. It is as if that response answered the question as to whether there was truth in the assertion that Islamofacists do want to kill us. There is a rather large hole in the ground in lower Manhattan that seems to indicate they do indeed wish to kill us. So, Islamophobe or not, the evidence tends to prove the Islamofascists wish to kill us.

What is funny about it is the absurdity of the moonbat Left's logic. They believe that if they call someone an Islamophobe that they have adequately dealt with the issue. The real enemy is the Islamophobe not the Islamofascist.

And that is kind of where we are today, isn't it?

Bush is the enemy not the folks who left that hole in the ground. Now that is laughable. I don't know if I am Islamophobe. I rather think I am not. I bear no ill will to the folks of that persuasion... other than those whose avowed purpose is to kill us in the name of their faith. With those lunatics I have a serious problem.

Whether I am an Islamophobe or not is beside the point.

Whether I am an Islamophobe or not does not mean they are not out to kill us.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: MontereyJohn