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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Isn't Travel Fun?

Sorry for the lack of posting... Thanks to MontereyJohn for his excellent post on McClellan and the myriad of problems we face in Iraq. I know that some readers may wonder who the other conspirators are... well, Penelope is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, shy about posting but possessing the amazing ability to handle a 9mm pistol - or something like that. Brian is the deep thinker, unleashing masterful prose and analysis on topics ranging from the inner-workings of our Rovian/Plame conspiracy to Linux.

I've been in New York this week and posting while traveling is always challenging, as there rarely seems to be a free moment. Now that I'm waiting for my 8.00pm flight, which is now scheduled to leave at 10.00pm, I've got some time on my hands.... my attempt to catch an earlier flight which had been delayed were for naught, and the result is that I'm stuck in a restaurant by myself, wasting the hours away. Picture on the right is from my current position...

Why does flying have to suck? I demand a Passenger Bill of Rights that would eliminate inclement weather, provide for free back massages should delays occur, and free food & drink for those that have to wait. I mean, this is the 21st century people!!! We MUST have government intervention to solve this crisis!!!!!! Thank God for Barbara Boxer!!!

In other news, Imus is the next guy to jump feet first into satellite radio. At least, that's my prediction. His contract won't be anything close to Stern's and his audience won't be as big. I personally didn't understand the kerfluffle here, since Imus has said outrageous things in the past - and I could swear that I've heard the same "Nappy-headed Ho's" cross his or McGuirk's lips in the past. His insensitive and racially charged words never stopped the beltway insiders from sucking up to his wrinkly butt in the past... I haven't been a fan of Imus, primarily because he provides very little that is informative or new... it's totally inside the beltway b.s. day in and day out.

Despite the Imus kerfluffle and Al Sharpton's protestations, it appears that people from all races are getting along - quite well, in fact:

Interracial Marriages Surge Across U.S.
Apr 12 02:41 PM US/Eastern
AP National Writer
NEW YORK (AP) - The charisma king of the 2008 presidential field. The world's best golfer. The captain of the New York Yankees. Besides superstardom, Barack Obama, Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter have another common bond: Each is the child of an interracial marriage.

For most of U.S. history, in most communities, such unions were taboo.

It was only 40 years ago—on June 12, 1967—that the U.S. Supreme Court knocked down a Virginia statute barring whites from marrying nonwhites. The decision also overturned similar bans in 15 other states.

Since that landmark Loving v. Virginia ruling, the number of interracial marriages has soared; for example, black-white marriages increased from 65,000 in 1970 to 422,000 in 2005, according to Census Bureau figures. Factoring in all racial combinations, Stanford University sociologist Michael Rosenfeld calculates that more than 7 percent of America's 59 million married couples in 2005 were interracial, compared to less than 2 percent in 1970.
Of course, since an increase in understanding and harmony between ethnic groups does not line the pockets of Sharpton, Jackson, Farrukhan and the other "hustlers, bigots, and crooks" that are passed off as African-American leaders, it gets little attention compared to three words from a washed up coke-head.

Finally, it looks like my prediction for the 2008 GOP nomination "gets" the interwebs - or at least is paying people who get it.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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Brian said...

Hmm.. Concourse D at LGA?

Well, I had to move my trip up to Florida, but the good news is that I can fly whenever I want! Bad weather is moving into the STL area tomorrow afternoon, so we're heading out tomorrow morning.

First stop Muscle Shoals, AL, then on to Florida!

Brian said...

oh almost forgot to add, more posting from me during "naptimes" while on vacation. Later!

St Wendeler said...

Can't wait for the naptime and pina colada inspired postings...

Or perhaps a couple of banana smoothies?