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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Islam Means Peace - Part 1,862

AllahPundit provides this information which you may not have seen through other media organizations.

It clearly demonstrates that the whole radical jihadist, sharia-loving, caliphate-restoring, death-to-infidels mentality is just from a vocal minority (if, by minority, we mean more than 50% in most countries):

No comment necessary, but do give it a perfunctory click and scroll-through as there’s lots to see. The good news: overwhelming majorities in all four countries disapprove of attacks on civilians in the U.S. and Europe. The bad news: everything else, including/especially the results from Egypt, where 60% thought suicide bombings were often or sometimes justified in attacking an enemy. (The next highest total was Morocco with 35%.) Very quietly, Egypt has become one of the most radical Muslim countries in the world. As you scroll, compare its results to the results from, say, Pakistan.

I leave you with a few appetite-whettening lowlights:

I'll sum up a few of the other items that Allah shares with us:
  1. Majority of Muslims either Agree Strongly or Agree Somewhat with Al Qaeda's goals - the exception being that only 45% of Muslims want us to stop supporting "moderate" governments like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. I suppose that a few billion really can have an impact!
  2. 53% have Positive or Mixed views of OBL in Morocco, 74% in Egypt, 51% in Pakistan, 53% in Indonesia
  3. 76% in Morocco want strict imposition of Sharia law, 74% in Egypt, 79% in Pakistan, and only 53% in Indonesia

As I mentioned here, if Islamic leaders truly want to position their religion as one of peace, they either have a serious marketing/branding problem or perhaps - perhaps! - they aren't in tune with what a majority of the followers of Islam truly want.

Allah points out that Egypt has quietly become a very radical country. I would say that of the "moderate" countries of Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, the only thing that is "moderate" about them is their governments' willingness to talk with the US. The populations in each of these countries are much more radical than their leadership (check the nationality of the 9/11 hijackers for evidence of this). They've always been radical countries, but we are only just now becoming aware of it. And by we, I mean the few people outside of the self-imposed MSM bubble.

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Matthew said...

Wasn't Egypt the birthplace and long-time home base for the Muslim Brotherhood? The organization Bin Laden was a member of before forming his own Al Qaeda. I'm sure they still maintain close ties.

St Wendeler said...

Good point, Matthew. Wikipedia has an entry and info on possible connections between MB and Al Qaeda.