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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tony - Time To Start the March

It's time to start preparing your forces for an attack on Iran, ideally against the gas refineries and a blockade against the tankers that provide Iran with much of its petrol.

The West cannot allow the soldiers to be put on trial as the result is already known in advance:

Iran warns British sailors may be put on trial

Iran has threatened to try 15 marines and sailors from Britain's Royal Navy for illegal entrance into Iranian waters and won't allow British diplomats to meet with the jailed servicemen.

It is still unknown precisely where the British sailors — 14 men and one woman — are being held, but Iranian officials have said they were "well and sound."

On Sunday, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told reporters in New York the sailors committed an act of aggression by sailing into Iranian waters.

"The Iranian authorities intercepted these sailors and marines in Iranian waters and detained them in Iranian waters," Mottaki said. "This has happened in the past as well."

But British Prime Minister Tony Blair has argued the charge of illegal entrance into Iranian waters isn't valid because the Royal Navy crew was actually occupying Iraqi waters at the time.

Mottaki did not specify what the consequences of the charge could be for the Royal Navy crew.

No doubt Rosie will lecture us on the merits of the Iranian justice system and how it's better than the American one.

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