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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Replacing US Attorney's and the Gonzalez Mess

This is a mess of the making of the AG's office and the White House.

In the first place the AG's office should not have gotten cute with Congress about why these US Attorneys were removed.  They should simply have told the truth.  It was done because they wanted to remove them and they could remove them.  It was a perfectly normal thing to do.  

But that is not how they handled it.  They gave Congress a line of BS trying to look like it was not a brutal exercise of executive power. That blew up in their faces.

Once the bovine excrement was in the fan, the White House stepped up to the plate, or rather did not step up to the plate, and tried to mumble their way out of this.  That did not work.  And so the whole thing escalated into a scandal and resulted in an ill-advised amendment to the Patriot Act.

A few minutes ago, the President finally took to the airwaves and gave a lame defense of the AG and at the same time caved in to Congress to a degree that can only harm the executive and fail to satisfy the loons trying to get Rove under oath. This is your basic cluster you-know-what.

I await Senator Schumer's next move... what joy.


Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: MontereyJohn