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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's tough being the President

From the Hinzsight Report comes this report of George Bush reviewing the damage from a tornado that hit Enterprise, AL.

Of important note:

As he continued his tour of the school grounds he came upon a small group of students standing on an emblem on the floor that read, "EHS, Class of 1965". Having been told he would meet this group from the student body, he asked, "Which one of you is the President?"

Megan Parks raised her hand slightly, then hung her head and began to cry. President Bush put his arms around Megan and Sarah Carroll and all three cried. A secret service officer standing nearby, although not able to hear every word, reported that he could hear the President quoting scripture and then he said, "It's tough being President, isn't it?"

This brings to mind a comment I read in JustOneMinute's open thread for today:

The Administration needs to go on the offensive, big time, right now. Stop cowering.

The problem is they don't and won't. And as a result, I'm just about done with them. We can't hold this world up by ourselves.

I have felt the same issues in my own heart with respect to this Presidency. My political side, wants Bush to go on national television and berate the media's treatment of his presidency, from the war, to the non-scandals of Plame and the firing of the U.S. Attorney's. I want him to send Cheney out to do battle with Matt Lauer and Wolf Blitzer and Tim Russert.

I felt the same way when Bush would reach out to the Democratic members of Congress to pass education bills and to sign McCain-Feingold, et. al.

But stories like these remind me of the man that Bush is. At his heart he's not the leader of his political party, like say, Bill Clinton was, but rather the leader of the nation. He lets the politics be handled by his staff, and I get the feeling that he has no real "taste" for it. It's a means to an end. It's this same attitude however, that allows him to go forward with his policy in Iraq and the War on Terror, despite the media bashing. He does it because he knows, in his heart as the leader of the strongest nation on earth, that its the right thing to do. If he was better at the political game, he might not have been able to ignore the falling poll numbers.

Yes, I'm sure its very tough being the President.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, he ignored the devastated people in Arkansas; must be because they have a Democratic governor. Plus a glut of empty FEMA trailers they could really use 160 miles away.

It will take years to recover from this disaster otherwise referred to as the Bush43 presidency.

What a sorry excuse of leadership built on big lies and family privildege. Impeachment is too good but the jig is up. The majority of Americans know it. Why do you hate the U.S. Constitution so much you let unrecovered alcoholic trample it? Just too sad.