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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Elliot Ness Fitzgerald gets his man

The left is excited today, they found they got a Scooter underneath their Fitzmas tree. The next step will be to dream of presents to come.

Will Cheney be impeached?
Will the President be impeached?
Where is Sealed v. Sealed? Who else has been secretly indicted?

Unfortunately, for the left, they will find all they got is their Scooter. As Fitzgerald said in his news conference, this investigation is over.

I still predict that Scooter will not spend a day in jail. He will be left free to his appeals which will consume the time till January of 2009 when Bush will pardon him.

David Schuster, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann will have their day (weeks). I expect the spittle to fly tonight, especially. Speaking of tonight, expect that Joe Wilson will make the rounds tonight and over the following week. One word of warning to Joe Wilson. The blogosphere will be watching, and I expect that any mistatements made my him will be fact checked. [by this blog? -ed. Let's not get out of hand, I am lazy after all]

Finally, what are the lessons of the Patrick Fitzgerald trial?

For administration staffers:

  • The standard has been set, future Democratic administrations will be expected to issue similar ground rules that Bush issued. Waive your fifth amendment rights or be fired.
  • Special Prosecutors have no budget and exercise no discretion. Follow the Clinton model, attack the special prosecutor and do not cooperate.
  • If you are questioned by the FBI, have your lawyer present. Have it video taped. Your 302 form may end up looking nothing like the conversation you remember having.
For the media:
  • Give up the idea of a reporters privilege. All that first amendment stuff is just so much BS when one of the highest paid heads of a news division spills everything about a conversation to the FBI, then tries to hide behind a reporters privilege while hiding behind the "stifling" of sources.
  • Expect more prosecutors to follow the Fitzgerald model in questioning reporters. The leak investigations in regards to the secret prisons story and the NSA wiretapping program especially can be fruitful with this approach.
  • Tim Russert, David Gregory, and Andrea Mitchel are now complicit in potentially sending a man to prison. The dichotomy of Russert/Gregory knowing the story will be dug into. Plenty of competition would like to know the real role Russert played in this case. Especially with the jurors stating how taken in they were by the Russert testimony. Fleischer testified he told Gregory, Russert testified that if Gregory would have known he would have told Russert. So either Fleischer lied, or Gregory is a crappy journalist, or Russert lied.
And finally for the political landscape:
  • Colin Powell's career in politics is done. Any further attempted run at higher office will be confronted with a what did you know and when did you know it about the real leaker, his deputy, Richard Armitage.
Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: Brian