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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Difficulty of Being a Superpower

Or, Why it's so difficult to be on the side of Good, Justice, and the "Western Civilizational Way" in today's relativist society.

The Brits in Iran:

Iran Broadcasts British Sailor's Apology
Mar 30, 7:58 AM (ET)


TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - One of the 15 British service members held captive in Iran appeared Friday on the government's Arabic-language TV and apologized for entering Iranian waters "without permission." Prime Minister Tony Blair said Iran will face "continued isolation" if it continues "in this way."

In London, the British Foreign Office denounced the broadcast and said displaying the captives for "propaganda purposes" was "outrageous."

The serviceman, Royal Marine rifleman Nathan Thomas Summers, said he was aware that the incident in which he was seized was the second time since 2004 that British military personnel had entered Iranian waters.

"Again I deeply apologize for entering your waters," Summers said in the clip broadcast on Al-Alam television. "We trespassed without permission."

"I don't know why the Iranian regime keeps doing this," Blair said in a brief statement, "all it does it heightens people's sense of disgust. Captured personnel being paraded and manipulated in this way, it doesn't fool anyone," he said. "And what the Iranians have to realize is that if they continue in this way they will face continued isolation."

Summers was shown sitting with another male serviceman and the female British sailor Faye Turney against a floral curtain. Both men wore camouflage fatigues with a label saying "Royal Navy" on their chests and a small British flag stitched to their left sleeves.

The three were among 15 British sailors and marines detained by naval units of the Revolutionary Guards on March 23 while patrolling near the mouth of the Shatt al-Arab waterway for smugglers.

Britain has demanded their release, insisting that they were in Iraqi waters at the time they were intercepted. But Iran has demanded that Britain acknowledge that its sailors had violated Iranian waters, with Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki saying Thursday that such an admission would help to secure their release.

Minutes before Summers appeared on TV, the official Islamic Republic News Agency said that he had given a statement.

"We entered Iranian waters without permission and we were detained by Iranian coast guards. I would like to apologize for this to the Iranian people," the agency quoted him as saying.

"Since our detention on March 23, everything has been very good and I'm completely satisfied about the situation," Summers added.

The TV showed pictures of the light British naval boats at the time of the sailors' seizure. The helicopter flying in the background was British, the Al-Alam newscaster said.

Iran has demanded that Britain acknowledge that its sailors had violated Iranian waters, with Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki saying Thursday that such an admission would help to secure the release of the 15 service members.

Earlier this week, it appeared the two countries were moving toward a resolution of the crisis. Mottaki told reporters Wednesday that Turney would be freed shortly.

However, the Iranians were angered by tough talk out of London, including a freeze on most bilateral contacts and a British move to refer the issue to the U.N. Security Council.

On Thursday, the council expressed "grave concern" over Iran's seizure of the military personnel and called for an early resolution of the escalating dispute.

As tensions spiked again Thursday, the Iranians rolled back on their offer to free Turney.

On Friday, however, the Turkish prime minister's office said that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had indicated his government is willing to reconsider freeing Turney, who is married and has a young daughter.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Ahmadinejad on Thursday evening, said Erdogan's spokesman, Akif Beki. Ahmadinejad told the prime minister that Iran was "willing to reconsider the issue of the release of the woman crew member," Beki said.

Iran claims the British sailors and marines, part of a Royal Navy force patrolling the Persian Gulf for smugglers, were operating in its waters when captured last Friday. The incident came several months into the escalating standoff between Iran and the United Nations over Tehran's nuclear program.

An Iranian news agency reported earlier in the day that Iran's Foreign Ministry sent a message to the British embassy in Tehran calling for a guarantee by London to avoid violating Iranian territorial waters in the future.

Until now, Iran has said the matter could only be resolved if Britain admitted its sailors were trespassing.

Each day that passes without this situation being resolved, the Iranian regime appears to be stronger than it is. Sure, the UN will pass resolutions stating that it has "grave concerns" over the Iranian snatch & grab that took place last week, that will be the most that will come out of that useless body.

No, the problem is that the right thing to do when another country attacks your ship and seizes your citizens is to fight back and there are plenty of options available to the Brits & Americans. The most appropriate one that I've heard is to institute a blockade of gasoline tankers into Iran, since Iran has very little production capacity for gasoline. One the other end of the force continuum would be the full out assault on Iranian command & control, nuclear, and oil infrastructure.

Unfortunately, the moment that any military action is taken by the US or the Brits to free these heroes, the Left in this country will immediately side with the Iranian regime and decry the use of force. In addition, the Left will accuse the Bush & Blair administrations of staging the incident.

Rosie O'Donnell is the perfect embodiment of today's Left, which immediately support the propaganda of our enemies over the facts.

  1. Rosie thinks the capture of the Brits is synonymous with the Gulf of Tonkin

  2. Rosie laughs at Blair's concern that video of the soldiers violates the Geneva Convention. Meanwhile, shots of the Gitmo camps which include fuzzy images of detainees in orange jumpsuits gets significant attention from the Left.
  3. Rosie thinks that it's just us and the Brits against the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the UN is against the Iranian action.
  4. Rosie objects to the characterization of people into Evil or Good.

In the eyes of Rosie and the other idiots on the Left, nothing the US or British does is right, good, or justified. Everything the Iranians say is given weight and taken at face value.

This video from the Heritage Foundation discusses the mind of the Modern Liberal and demonstrates how Rosie can arrive at these positions (supporting Evil) on a consistent basis.

*** UPDATE ***
I failed to mention in my original post that we (the US and the Brits) have been making a fatal mistake in our foreign policy, especially as it regards the Axis of Evil and their supporters (like Chavez, Castro, etc). For too long we have inverted Teddy Roosevelt's advice to "speak softly & carry a big stick." Newt Gingrich was on Charlie Rose the other night and made this very point. We have become so reliant on the UN and their inability to act on anything that we (the Brits and the US) resort to what is considered harsh rhetoric in international diplomacy simply to get the UN involved.

So, the US says that Korean continuation of a nuclear program would not be allowed - and it continues. Launching ICBMs by the NoKo's would not be tolerated - and when it happens, it is. Testing a nuclear device would not be tolerated - and when it happens, it is. Iranian nuclear program would not be tolerated - and when President Tom has a production to celebrate Iran's nuclear program, we do nothing.

This consistent practice of Speaking Loudly and Carrying a small stick is going to doom us in the future. When the Iranians snatched the Brits, the Western response should have been, "We expect our forces to be returned within 30 days" and leave no implied threat. When 30 days expire, blockade and military strikes would ensue.

There's no need for bluster. As VDH puts it in this column:
‘It’s completely outrageous for any nation to go out and arrest the servicemen of another nation in waters that don’t belong to them.” So spoke Admiral Sir Alan West, former First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy, concerning the present Anglo-Iranian crisis over captured British soldiers. But if the attack was “outrageous,” it was apparently not quite outrageous enough for anything to have been done about it yet.

Sir Alan elaborated on British rules of engagement by stressing they are “very much de-escalatory, because we don’t want wars starting ... Rather than roaring into action and sinking everything in sight we try to step back and that, of course, is why our chaps were, in effect, able to be captured and taken away.”

One might suggest, not necessarily “sinking everything in sight,” but at least shooting back at a few of the people trying to kidnap Britain’s uniformed soldiers.

Indeed... If they approach your ship with hostile intention, light it up. If they successfully cart off your soldiers, give them some time for the necessary logistics, but leave no doubt as to the seriousness of your position.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Comments (4)
Anonymous said...

well well why is there such double standards,,i have seen many nations interogate those people that they feel r hostile to there current government or regime(whats the difference regime, ruling party )if george bush and his croonies r not a regime than what is,,,saddam hussein was executed for attrocities against those civilians of his that was not in vogue nor in power,,western civilized(from here on out referred to as uncivilized) nations do the same thing...the policing agencies all over western uncivilization interrogate and get statements from detainees all over their nations...the biggest difference is the propaganda if its in the ruling government interest tthan they spin it thier way when an opposing country does the same thing itis propagated as lies..obviously all nations lie to us,and always deny their wrong doing...i have never heard america or britain apologize for any of their wrong doings and definetely not admit...there definetly is a policy of (never admit to any wrong doing)no matter how obvious the evidence is..well lets take a look at history to see who is the biggest liars and transgressors in the history of the world..first lets define western interest..well the talk is the promotion of democracy and the protection of the free world..this is a farce...and it should be obvious to anyone who knows anything of the last 400 years...they only come under the flag of democracy and the buzz word freedom when they want something from that nations or want to pit one nation of favor against another nation of disfavor point in case there is very few democratic socites in the western world..what is touted a democracy is a system of rich people that represent the interest of rich people...we as a nation monitor many other nations election process as we make excuses for rights have been denied to many americans for many different reasons ...pick one....ohh i forgot there r many doubts casted by the liars...and unfortunately this country does so many shockingly aggregious things...that many god fearing people refuse to beleive a proclaimed god fearing nation could be so we refuse to beleive it... america open ur eyes to the attrocites of own government our human rights violation is the worse in the custody of police in america black men always fall down the stairs well at least that what the police say i dont know why some black men get clumsy in police custody black men r harassed (stop and frisk) by the police in unprecedented numbers..and killed over candy bars cell phones keys and wallets that r often seen as a gun in the eyes of our blind never happens to white people...why...its a lie this nation brutalizes its minorites worse than saddam did the kurds we have a president that stole the election what r westen uncivilized values ..i will tell what i have seen and what history has clearly has shown me western values r the continued subugation and exploitation on non western nations.. why is that most of the worlds wealth is concentrated in europe and america,, while most of the world resources r concentrated in africa asia and south america...home to an unpredented amout of poor... i will tell those of u who r too blind to see the truth...because of big western companies stealing the resources and underpaying the setting of governments that support western pillaging at the demise of their own citizens...and god forbide any nation that speaks out against the forked tongue promises they are than branded as rogue evil communist un in point what is wrong with hugo chavez....he is for a fact making oil affordable to many nations given many discounts that exxon bp and major western oil companies wont...while they make record profits,,,please america open ur eyes and stop allowing our corrupt leaders and big business men to to pollute our planet and piallage other nations under democracy...we say we have feeedom of speech and press.but at the republican national convention americans were arreested for speaking and assembling..i dare any one to point out to me how america is better than any other country,,,every day some politician is found to be criminal everyday some business man is accused of fraud how r we better...there one thing that we r the better at what we have been the best at...and that is lying....hey does anybody remember the vietnam was touted that we were there to stop the spread of communism...and save the vietnamese people from oppression.we fought there for close to 20 years lost 57,000 now 35 years later look at vietnam just look what is wrong there nothing....we need to stop this international racism and modern day colonialism and pillaging of other nations...the rest of the world is no longer gonna have it this the age of free information and anyone with eyes can see the truth....the british soldiers were captured on foriegn soil end of story..we americans have to be the stuidest people in the history of nation...lying is an art form now we call it guess what being politically correct...lets jail the liars and impeach all of pillaging politicians americans stand up and take our country back and lets become a trur nation of peace and freedom and justice...we have never done this only lied...stop lying...look at cuba what has cuba ever done but choose to govern themselves their way which is there right lets stop allowing our government to lie to us and abuse us
and no more syphliis tainted blankets....i guess that why many nations refuse american grain...oh yeah it makes them sick because the food is too rich...who came up with that one...we beleive any thing........ and what really did happen to kennedy,,there was no autopsy of his brain the footage shows his neck snapping back like he was shot from the back but they say he was shot from a warehouse in front of took forty years before the evidence is unsealed and where is the plane wreckage from 9/11 outside the pentagon just asking... i didnt see none in the news footage i guess we will have to wait 40 year to know the truth about 9/ the mean time lets continue to march like sheep to the slaughter and beleive the lies of those in politics,,politics which has now become synomous with bullshit thanks to all of our master of cow manure

Greg said...

The above poster is clearly insane. First of all, learn some grammar. Use real sentences. Your little rant gives me a headache.

Secondly, when Iran kidnaps, interrogates, and abuses 15 British soldiers, why is it that you find it necessary to attack AMERICA? This is ridiculous.

If you hate America so much, why don't you move to Iran. I'm sure they'd love to have you. I think you'd fit right into the upper levels of their government.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of people saying that liberals "hate America". We do not hate America. We hate the corporate loving barbarians like Bush and cabinet who were unfortunately elected by a slim margin to rule the world. Of course, they did this by lying and deceiving and appealing viscerally to sheepish Americans that don't read. We love this country. It is the greatest in the world. But we need leaders that are interested in preserving mankind and the planet and not continued economic growth to the point that greed and corruption will drive us to destroying ourselves. I would say rather that conservatives "hate America" because they continue to support politicians who bend over backwards to greedy corporations whose only interest is the perpetual consumption of natural resources. Please check my grammar, because it is uber-important to me that I meet Standard English fundamentals on this hideous blog.

St Wendeler said...

Anon - Great example of the inability to discriminate which inexorably leads you to support evil over good. Check out the 45 min vid from the Heritage Foundation which I linked above. It's from a former lib who, shortly after 9/11, "woke up" and realized that the 5th grade mentality that he had had (play nice, Republicans are bad, Dems are good) and the relativism and inability to discriminate (which prompted him to question at every turn the goodness of America pre-9/11) was a sham.

And Anon, I'm sure our brethren who still lie in the fields of Flanders, the fields of Normandy, or the volcanic ash of Iwo would all agree with you that they arrived in those terrible battles under the flag of freedom in order to take something from those respective nations.

You twit.

Chavez is bad because he is ruining his country's economy. 20% inflation food shortages throughout the country, and he's threatening to jail people who do not provide food at a financial loss. (Now THAT'S Freedom!) T his is not a subjective opinion. This is truth. Recognize it.

The fact that you also posit that the truth about 9/11 is still not know shows that you are not a rational thinker.

But, hey... thanks for visiting and be sure to return!