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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yet Another Inconvenient Truth, Part 1,762

Algore, always one for a rational discussion of the facts, is claiming that the Bush admin is paying scientists to refute the new religion of global warming.

Gore says Bush administration paying scientists to dispute global warming
MADRID , SPAIN (CNN) -- Former Vice President Al Gore said in an interview on Tuesday the Bush administration is now paying scientists to dispute global warming since the administration can no longer argue against it.

During an interview with CNN affiliate Cuatro in Madrid, Gore said, "they've lost the argument and they don't want to stop dumping all this pollution into the Earth's atmosphere. The only thing they have left is cash and now they're offering cash for so-called skeptics who will try to confuse people about what the science really say. But it's unethical because now the time has come when we have to act."

Gore was the Democratic nominee against Bush in the 2004 presidential election. His film, An Inconvenient Truth is up for the best documentary Oscar.
--CNN's Al Goodman

Of course, CNN is about as reliable as my 4 year old son when it comes to facts... I assume that the 2004 was just a typo and they really mean 2000. Or perhaps it's because the past two presidential nominees from the Dems have both been robotic.

Meanwhile, Cambodians are experiencing temperatures in the 40s - something that hasn't happened since Elvis' body was still warm:
Cambodians ponder an unfamiliar concept: cold
Temperatures in the 40s spurred some people to don socks, sweaters, and even coats.
By Erika Kinetz

Across Cambodia, residents have been engaging in a rare activity: turning off their air conditioners and stilling their fans. Some of Phnom Penh's intrepid moto drivers have even been seen zipping around the streets at night in puffy parkas.

It has been cold here – the coldest in 27 years of recorded history, according to Seth Vannareth, the director of meteorology at the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology.

As the cold settled in, she counseled this correspondent to "please take a coat with you." Yesterday, she had good news: The cold spell was officially over.

Still, for Cambodians, the brief flirtation with sweater weather has been such a far cry from the norms of the cold season, which peaks in early January, that some people were even wearing socks.

The cold snap began on Jan. 30. Low temperatures have ranged from 7 to 15 degrees C (mid-40s to mid-50s F.) in the northeast and mountainous areas, far below norms of 17 to 20 degrees C.

What, if anything, this has to do with global climate change, Ms. Seth will not begin to guess. She attributes the chill to a high-pressure front moving down from Siberia, which, she says, has cooled off greater Indochina, including Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and parts of Thailand.

Ms. Seth - It's called weather, not "climate change."

And don't forget that the Midwest is caught in an Arctic chill.

I half expected a polar bear to maul me when I was in Chicago over the weekend. After 5 minutes in the wind, I couldn't tell if I was drooling or not because my face was numb.

It's a good thing we have global warming - otherwise people would be dying...

And yes, that's 53 degrees in San Diego...

Oh and I'd just like to say thank you to algore for giving me something to blog about. I just can't resist making fun of you - you Nobel HAHAHAHAH Peace HAHAHAHAHA Prize HAHAHAHAHA Candidate....

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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George said...

I recall a few days in the 50s in Thailand, in January. The Thais were wearing everything they owned. I can't imagine temps in the 40s that far south. Must be a pretty strong Siberian high coming down.