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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Talent seen in DC

Washington Examiner has a "sight-em" of Jim Talent in Washington, DC.

Jim Talent: Praying for a comeback?

Former Sen. Jim Talent’s back in town, and he was spotted grabbing dinner at Armand’s pizzeria on Capitol Hill Tuesday night, wearing a blazer Obama-style (i.e. no tie, unbuttoned white shirt). The Missouri Republican lost his seat to Claire McCaskill last fall.

But before he and his male dinner companion — whom we were unable to identify as of press time — dug down into their salad bar salads and a shared plate of wings, the two gave it up for the Lord, praying out loud with heads bowed for almost a minute.

Our source says that the bulk of their dinner conversation was sprinkled with talk of “Jesus,” “Bible” and “faith,” all of which Talent will need on his side if he wants his seat back.

All that Jesus talk, when will he learn that kind of talk is sooo 2002... It's all about the pullout (er sorry, "redeploy") now.

Jim is a stand up guy, and I know he'll be back.

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