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Monday, February 26, 2007

Fitz done in by the moonbats?

In discussions today over at JustOneMinute about the juror dismissal, the following was posted from roanoke in a comment:

This comment from Walton at Bloomberg-

``She did have contact with information related to this case,'' Walton said in court in Washington today. ``It wasn't intentional on her part, it was a misunderstanding of what I had been telling her throughout the trial.'' The juror had worked for decades as a print curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


I immediately started wondering what she could be misunderstanding throughout the trial? The initial guess at JOM was that it was related to Plame being covert or not and how thats not at issue at the trial. But how does that jibe with coming into contact with information based on a misunderstanding of what the Judge's instructions?

My thoughts revolved around how the judge did not use staying away from the internet in his admonition about avoiding media coverage. This, despite the fact that in his own courtroom were "non-journalists" liveblogging the case.

I still think its unlikely that the dismissed juror was actively perusing FireDogLake, or other left y sites, but it remains a possiblity based on the wording of the judges description.

How deliciously ironic if a lefty moonbat was kicked off the jury because she visited a snark filled commentary at FireDogLake.

Whatever, the reason, I'm sure we will know soon what the specific reason for the dismissal was.

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