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Monday, February 19, 2007

The 1/2 Hour News Hour - Unbelievably Bad

The Half Hour News Hour debuted last night and it wasn't any better than the teasers released late last week.

Here's a review in the NYTimes which says it's not funny if you don't poke fun of the President (or whoever is in power). I seem to recall an election in 2006 which threw Congress to the Dems - and we've been hearing for weeks how W. is irrelevant and a lame duck, so I'm not sure what Alessandra's point is, but I digress.

I only found myself laughing at two items during the show:
1) The bit about Iran hosting the holocaust denial conference. The Times also liked it:

“After months of being criticized for hosting a Holocaust denial conference in December,” Mr. McNally says, “the Iranian government is now denying that the conference ever took place.” He adds, “Or if it did, that attendance figures were greatly exaggerated by a Zionist-controlled media.”

2) One of the two (or three?) ACLU ads... not because I think the ACLU's position is completely ridiculous (I happen to have a strong libertarian bent and line up with the ACLU on some issues), but because of the writing.

Other than that, the writing was atrocious, the delivery was poor, and the laugh track ruined the show. The Limbaugh & Coulter opening did not go over well with me... nothing to laugh at.

HotAir provides this analysis and I hate to point it out to them, but I don't think I heard much in terms of live laughter during the show - just canned laughs - so don't think the show was some barometer on jokes at the expense of Hillary Clinton.

HotAir also provides some "highlights."

The first question that I had after watching the show was this - Who are the writers?

It appeared to me that the writers were either too "inside GOP" to be funny or were Hollywood leftists who don't know how to make fun of liberals.

Some tips for THHNH:
  1. Drop the two anchor format. It just barely works on SNL and the Daily Show's format is best.
  2. Don't have actors/comedians on the show to play the part of a guest. The funniest thing about Daily Show & Colbert is that they get people to deliver lines that they normally wouldn't - although it often takes special editing.
  3. The goal shouldn't be a funny show that pokes fun of Liberals, but a funny show that deals with both sides equally. There are plenty of things in Republican politics that are funny and we should be able to laugh at ourselves. And the Left is such a big target that having to resort to Kucinich and ACLU jokes is pretty sad.
  4. Move off of Fox News - Not sure what the heck you're doing on that channel. I already have a problem with the fact that most of the people in my age cohort (and below) get their news from The Daily Show, Colbert, & SNL. Let's not continue to blur the lines by putting a comedy show on a news channel.

Oh, and hire better writers.

IowaHawk thought it was awesome...

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Comments (6)
Jonathan Moore said...

Great commentary. The show was not as funny as I would have liked it. If you are interested in looking into politically incorrect comedy, I would check

John from WuzzaDem said...

Traitor! Heh.

dwerfelmann said...

Fox News is not a news channel, it's an op-ed channel.

St Wendeler said...


I calls 'em as I see 'em.

St Wendeler said...

Dwerfelmann - I don't agree with your assertion*, but even if I did, it shouldn't have a comedy show on it.

* - every channel that broadcasts an event or news of day has some opinion in it.

George said...

They need to make it more like the Brit spoof of the BBC Nine O'Clock news called "Not the Nine O'Clock News (circa 1980).

A one-scener that still sticks in my mind is a clip of a large group of Muslims praying while the announcer voices over with, "And the search for the Ayatollahs contact lens goes on."