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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Overheard Inside a Mahdi Bunker, Baghdad

A version of Jeff Goldstein's conceptual series, Overheard Inside a - insert middle eastern hell-hole here - Bunker. Apologies to Jeff...

H/T to HotAir

First Mahdi Militant: So, Ahmoud. I hear the glorious Senator Kerry is not running for president so that he can concentrate his efforts in the Senate on getting our hated enemies out of our country. You know that he also lead the effort to lose the war in Vietnam.

Second Mahdi Militant: If you don’t stop with the jokes, Raed, so help me I’ll shoot you my goddamn self, peace be upon you.

First Mahdi Militant: No, Ahmoud... I am serious. And the cowardly Democrats are going to pass a non-binding resolution objecting to the Satan's surge in troops. And a Republican even voted for it! And more Republicans are expected to vote to spare our lives!

Second Mahdi Militant: Well, In sh'Allah, perhaps this is good news.

First Mahdi Militant: Yes, Ahmoud.... we just need to hold out and kill as many American soldiers as we can in the next 90 days and the Americans will surely turn against Satan and pull out. I heard that Rosie O'Donnell called for Satan's impeachment, death be upon that lesbian whore.

Second Mahdi Militant: In sh'Allah, death be upon that lesbian whore. But she does speak the truth, no?

Here... help me load this RPG. I hear a Humvee.

First Mahdi Militant: Raed.... do you hear a helicopter? and loud cheering from the American monkey occupiers?

Second Mahdi Militant: I thought you said they voted to stop the surge, Ahmoud?

First Mahdi Militant: I told you it was NON-BINDING!!! NON- *BOOOM!!!!!*

Here's the video from the US perspective... strong language... but, if you're watching war-footage, you probably shouldn't be offended.

Message to the Dems & Chuck Hagel: I think it's important to put yourself in the shoes of our enemies and ask what kind of message your public statements are sending to them.

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