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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kerry Realizes What Everyone Already Knew

From the local section of his hometown paper:

Kerry won't run for president in '08
By Rick Klein, Globe Staff | January 24, 2007

WASHINGTON --Senator John F. Kerry plans to announce today that he will not run in the 2008 presidential race, and will instead remain in Congress and seek reelection to his Senate seat next year, according to senior Democratic officials.

Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat, plans to say he will remain in the Senate to recommit himself to efforts to extricate the United States from the war in Iraq. His decision to stay out of the presidential race reflects a realization that he would have had an uphill climb in capturing the Democratic nomination, given the other party heavyweights who are already in the race, according to the officials, who spoke to the Globe on condition of anonymity.

Kerry plans to make his plans known with a speech on the Senate floor this afternoon, and is taping a message to e-mail his [two] supporters to explain his decision.

I wonder how his two supporters (himself and his wife) will react upon receiving the email...

And yes, they did mention Kerry's Vietnam service... although, not the service in support of his country, but against it:
On Iraq, Kerry has emerged as a fierce war critic after initially supporting the invasion of Iraq. He has spoken of his war opposition in a similar vein to his efforts to bring the Vietnam War to a conclusion in the early 1970s.

Because that withdrawal from Vietnam - one in which Kerry lobbied to not even send materiel to the South Vietnamese - really turned out well for the region.

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