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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fitz call your office part 1672

If you aren't aware, Media Bloggers is liveblogging the Libby trial. For analysis go to Tom Maguire's site at JustOneMinute.

The latest doozy? The second prosecution witness, one of the ones that will confirm that Libby "knew" before he said he "knew". Isn't too sure now on his memory. In fact,

Robert Grenier, the second prosecution witness against Scooter Libby, testified that, although he had told the FBI and the grand jury that he really wasn’t sure whether he had mentioned to Libby that Joe Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA, eventually came to “feel guilty” thinking “maybe I had revealed too much” and, over time, came to think he had probably mention that fact.

Not particularly compelling testimony, frankly.

Nope it isn't. This is why trying to get the "big fish" when there is no big fish to get, isn't a very smart prosecution tactic.

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