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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Escalate & Accelerate

Okay, so the Dems were saved from having to come up with their plan for Iraq by the resignation of Don Rumsfeld (since they could then say that they're waiting for the "fresh perspective" from the new DOD Secretary). However, now Bush has apparently come up with a new plan, which is being called Escalate & Accelerate - ie, send in more troops (about half as many as are needed) and accelerate the training of Iraqi forces. The "strategery" of this policy seems to be to have American troops stabilize the country in the short-term so that the Iraqis can establish themselves for the long-term. I think it's a good strategy, although too little troops too late.

The problem with the Dems is that they cannot ignore their pacifism and default belief that America is a force for ill in the world. Thus, you can already see that the PR wing of the Dem party (ie, the MSM) are going to scream to the rafters about this new strategy, regardless of its merits. Chris Matthews on The Today Show this morning is a case in point (click here to see the video). He stated something that the right-side of the blogosphere has been saying all year in the runup to the mid-terms - something which the Dems and their PR wing refused to admit - that the Democratic party is completely anti-war. "Cut & Run" wasn't just a right-wing smear - it's an accurate portrayal of their policy preferences.

Matthews predicted that the Dems would cut funding for the escalation - something that I think will not be welcomed by the American people. His position is basically that the only strategy that the Dems (and "the American people") would approve is a complete and immediate withdrawal. While Matthews didn't provide any alternative strategy, it was clear that this is the only other alternative.

And as the President has said, we either can try to win in Iraq or we can leave immediately, admit defeat, and watch the entire region explode - resulting in increased danger for the US. Of course, Matthews remembers fondly the withdrawal from Vietnam - after all, it is what put him & his former boss into the Presidency. The only thing that could save the Dems would be the fact that the Generals on the ground have been saying that they don't want additional troops and the Dems will continually say that the President should listen to the Generals - something that he's done since going into Iraq. Unfortunately, history records multiple instances where the "Generals on the ground" had extremely poor judgment, from McClellan under Lincoln to McArthur under Truman.

If you thought that the MSM was anti-war and anti-troop in 2006, you haven't seen anything yet. 2007 will be the year in which the MSM openly undermines any effort to save Iraq.

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