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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chimpy W. McBushitler's Strategery Appears to be Working

Could it be that the Dems - after aggressively committing themselves to the defeatist positions in the past few months - are proven wrong?

Two stories which are very important demonstrations that W's Surge Strategy appears to be working - and that we may ultimately prevail in Iraq.

First, This audio story from that right-wing bastion, NPR Radio's All Things Considered. Click Here for Windows Media audio, here for RealPlayer.

The story is about Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki's Baghdad Security Plan being approved by the Iraqi Parliament, receiving votes from both Shiites and Sunnis. While the key component of "Maliki's Plan" is the surge of 17,000 US troops into Baghdad, the more important items are the disbanding and disarming of all militias (bye-bye to Sadr's Mahdi army!), the negotiation with militias to hand over militants that might have been involved in terrorist activities for prosecution, and provision of security by US & Iraqi forces (which were previously provided by the militias). Listen to the audio to hear interviews with ministers, locals, Sunnis & Shias, etc. This is a significant event.

Second, this story ("Turnaround in Baghdad") from The New York Sun. I've excerpted a post from Jeff Goldstein's ProteinWisdom, which provides additional and helpful commentary.

From the New York Sun (I know, may as well have been written by Bill Kristol on a sheet of two-ply toilet paper and edited by the ghost of Jeanne Kirkpatrick) comes this rather lengthy op-ed from Nibras Kazimi, ominously titled (if you happen to be, say, Barack Obama) “Turnaround in Baghdad”. Allow me to excerpt at length:
There has been a flurry of press reports recently about insurgents battling American and Iraqi security forces on Haifa Street in Baghdad, and around the rural town of Buhruz in Diyala Province. These same insurgents also claimed to have shot down a Black Hawk helicopter near Buhruz. At the same time, the Americans and Iraqis are declaring a major victory as evidenced by the increased number of dead or captured militants, and the uncovering of massive weapons caches. So, what is going on?

What needs to be understood is the central role that Al Qaeda — or more accurately its successor organization, a group called the Islamic State of Iraq — is playing on these fronts and the diminishing role of all the other insurgent groups.

The wider Sunni insurgency — the groups beyond Al Qaeda — is being slowly, and surely, defeated. The average insurgent today feels demoralized, disillusioned, and hunted. Those who have not been captured yet are opting for a quieter life outside of Iraq. Al Qaeda continues to grow for the time being as it cannibalizes the other insurgent groups and absorbs their most radical and hardcore fringes into its fold. The Baathists, who had been critical in spurring the initial insurgency, are becoming less and less relevant, and are drifting without a clear purpose following the hanging of their idol, Saddam Hussein. Rounding out this changing landscape is that Al Qaeda itself is getting a serious beating as the Americans improve in intelligence gathering and partner with more reliable Iraqi forces.

In other words, battling the insurgency now essentially means battling Al Qaeda. This is a major accomplishment.

Of course, run those paragraphs through the anti-war Democrat’s filter and you come away with something like this: “There is not now, nor has there ever been, any connection between Iraq and Islamic terrorism. Oh, and QUAGMIRE!”

Of course, this is not to argue that Iraq is once again a paradise filled with frolicking children and their omnipresent kites. Iraq is still a war zone—hardly surprising, given that the country has been playing host to a war, though it seems more than a few Congresspeople, on both sides of the aisle, are indignant that a war can create such a prolonged state of untidyness.

Nor is this to suggest that there haven’t been strategic missteps along the way, as Kazimi himself is careful to point out. In fact, if Kazimi is to be believed, the “turnaround,” as he calls it, is the result, simply, of doing what the President has called for all along: staying the course.

Add these developments to this recent video showing gunships blasting at the Mahdi army (which may have pushed Moqtada Sadr to realize his days were numbered) and victory in Iraq may not be so elusive. The Rules of Engagement were changed in Baghdad, resulting in the Iraqi politicians finding the will to disband the militias and the militias realizing that they couldn't continue.

Of course, now that the Dems and the MSM are totally invested in the defeat of America in Iraq, expect that the Dems become more subversive to our interests than Moqtada....

Oh, wait.... although the Sunnis & Shias appear able to reach a bipartisan agreement on security for Baghdad, there are those in the bubble that is Washington, DC who still don't get it.

Only time will tell how these events play out. And while many in the Democratic Party and many in the Senate are hoping and praying for an American defeat, they may not get their wish.

*** UPDATE ***
H/T to HotAir

Compare this story in the NYTimes with the NPR audio clip above. Is it just me or is the Times focusing on the divisions prior to the vote for the security plan, rather than the actual vote or the actual security plan?

And no mention of the quote of the Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister, featured in the NPR clip, which called for Iraqi nationalism and unity... and was received with cheers and applause.

hmmmm... it's almost as if the Times is trying to spin the great news out of Iraq into a story of doom & gloom. Weird.

*** UPDATE 2 ***
Donald Sensing also feels that we're starting to see success in Iraq, thanks to the change in the ROE and the domestic political situation in Iraq - ie, the passage of the new Security Plan.

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