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Friday, December 29, 2006

Chavez Closes Opposition Media - Nutroots Cheer

From the Beeb:

Chavez to shut down opposition TV

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said he will not renew the licence for the country's second largest TV channel which he says expires in March 2007.

In an address to troops, Mr Chavez said he would not tolerate media outlets working towards a coup against him.

Radio Caracas Television, which is aligned with the opposition, supported a strike against Mr Chavez in 2003.

But the TV's head said there must be some mistake as its licence was not up for renewal in the near future.

Regular readers of Another Rovian Conspiracy are familiar with my coverage of Hugo and his Marxist counterparts in South America. My primary focus has been the unquestioning support for Hugo by American Leftists, both those in power and those who are part of the "reality based community," also known as the "nutroots."

Well, the news of Hugo's latest move receives similar support by the Left here in the US. From Democratic Underground, initial concern about Chavez's true colors. But that is quickly overcome by cheers for Chavez:
Say_What (1000+ posts)
Fri Dec-29-06 12:47 AM
Response to Reply #3

6. BINGO!! Righto booley... and the quote comes from the other Golpista

paper, Globovision, owned by Bush pal and Chavez hater Gustavo Cisneros.

David__77 Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Fri Dec-29-06 12:52 AM
Response to Original message

7. I say shut it down and arrest its executives for treason.

They openly sided with the fascist coup. It's time to settle accounts. They violated Venezuelan laws and should be held to account.

WannaJumpMyScooter Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Fri Dec-29-06 12:54 AM
Response to Original message

9. He is closing Fox?


maddezmom DU Moderator Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Fri Dec-29-06 12:56 AM
Response to Reply #7

11. If CNN did the same after the 2004 election here, would you feel the same?

I'm not sure how I feel about Venuezla's RCTV, but I'd probably been cheering CNN on. :shrug:

TankLV Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Fri Dec-29-06 12:57 AM
Response to Original message

12. Good for him. They were advocating the overthrow of his legitimately elected government.

That is TREASON.

We wouldn't tolerate that here.

Why should he tolerate it any further there.

He has already tolerated it for years already.

He has the patience of JOBE (job?)

liberalpragmatist Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Fri Dec-29-06 01:02 AM
Response to Original message

13. To those who say this is justified b/c the station is "treasonous"...

... what happened to freedom of speech?

Freedom of speech includes everyone, however heinous their views may be.

IndianaGreen Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Fri Dec-29-06 01:02 AM
Response to Reply #1

14. The Venezuelan version of Faux News is a rightwing propaganda arm

not a news organization. We should do the same thing to Rupert Murdoch!

IndianaGreen Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Fri Dec-29-06 01:06 AM
Response to Reply #13

15. Freedom of speech for corporations only, is not freedom of speech.

Considering how the corporate media controls the flow of information in the US, I am amazed that we still have people that defend the corporate "freedom of speech" while denying it to the people.

BTW, a corporation is not a person either!

Hugo is the next Che for the Left. Expect to see t-shirts become fashionable shortly.

Gateway Pundit is also covering...

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Saddam & Satan "Hook Up" Nearing

Well, it looks like the fictionalized relationship between Saddam and Satan by South Park will become a reality shortly.

For those that are not fans of South Park, one running theme is Saddam's love affair with Satan - with Saddam often treating Satan poorly... the message being that Satan's not as bad as Saddam. The picture on the right is of Saddam & Satan having dinner down in Hell.

From the AP:

U.S. Preparing for Saddam's Execution
Dec 28, 11:42 PM (ET)


BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - As Saddam Hussein's lawyer made a last-ditch effort to impede his execution Thursday, the White House was preparing for the ousted dictator to be hanged as early as this weekend, a senior administration official said. The timetable was based on information that U.S. officials in Baghdad received from the Iraqi government.

And, of course, this is great news. One of history's evil dictators who participated in genocide and use of weapons of mass destruction (both militarily against foreign nations and also against his own people) will meet his fate. And this is all thanks to the US forces that liberated the Iraqi people and then tracked this bastard down in his spider hole.

If you'll recall, Saddam was captured in Dec, 2003 - just over 3 years ago. But, don't let that stop the un-partisan and always rational NY Times from taking this opportunity to score some political points:
The Rush to Hang Saddam Hussein

The important question was never really about whether Saddam Hussein was guilty of crimes against humanity. The public record is bulging with the lengthy litany of his vile and unforgivable atrocities: genocidal assaults against the Kurds; aggressive wars against Iran and Kuwait; use of internationally banned weapons like nerve gas; systematic torture of countless thousands of political prisoners.

What really mattered was whether an Iraq freed from his death grip could hold him accountable in a way that nurtured hope for a better future. A carefully conducted, scrupulously fair trial could have helped undo some of the damage inflicted by his rule. It could have set a precedent for the rule of law in a country scarred by decades of arbitrary vindictiveness. It could have fostered a new national unity in an Iraq long manipulated through its religious and ethnic divisions.

It could have, but it didn’t. After a flawed, politicized and divisive trial, Mr. Hussein was handed his sentence: death by hanging. This week, in a cursory 15-minute proceeding, an appeals court upheld that sentence and ordered that it be carried out posthaste. Most Iraqis are now so preoccupied with shielding their families from looming civil war that they seem to have little emotion left to spend on Mr. Hussein or, more important, on their own fading dreams of a new and better Iraq.

Yes... 3 years is certainly a "rush" to hang Saddam. Just like the 12 year run-up to our final showdown with Saddam and the 14 UN resolutions were a "rush to war."

My only question is whether the hanging will be on Pay Per View... or whether it will be televised on Al-Jazeera....

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. - Rest In Peace

President Ford passed away late on Tuesday:

Former President Gerald Ford dies at 93

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. - Former President Gerald R. Ford, who declared "Our long national nightmare is over" as he replaced Richard Nixon but may have doomed his own chances of election by pardoning his disgraced predecessor, has died. He was 93.

The nation's 38th president, and the only one neither elected to the office nor the vice presidency, died at his desert home at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday.

"His life was filled with love of God, his family and his country," his wife, Betty, said in a statement.

Ford was the longest living former president, surpassing Ronald Reagan, who died in June 2004, by more than a month.

Ford's office did not release the cause of death, which followed a year of medical problems. He was treated for pneumonia in January and had an angioplasty and pacemaker implant in August.

Funeral arrangements were to be announced Wednesday.

"President Ford was a great man who devoted the best years of his life in serving the United States," President Bush said in a brief statement to the nation Wednesday morning. "He was a true gentleman who reflected the best in America's character."

Like most Republican leaders, Gerald Ford was the butt of many jokes (especially by Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live), focusing on his supposed lack of intelligence and inability to walk & chew gum at the same time. It's likely that such barbs played some part in his defeat to Jimmah Carter (History's Greatest Monster).

TigerHawk picked up this item from the AP's reporting:
We were more concerned with propriety [then] than we are today, and Jerry Ford reflected that. I was struck by this bit from the A.P.'s obituary:
In office, Ford's living tastes were modest. When he became vice president, he chose to remain in the same Alexandria, Va., home — unpretentious except for a swimming pool — that he shared with his family as a congressman.

After leaving the White House, however, he took up residence in the desert resort of Rancho Mirage, picked up $1 million for his memoir and another $1 million in a five-year NBC television contract, and served on a number of corporate boards. By 1987, he was on eight such boards, at fees up to $30,000 a year, and was consulting for others, at fees up to $100,000. After criticism, he cut back on such activity.

Even adjusting for inflation, Ford's post-office income was a tiny fraction of Bill Clinton's, yet there has been almost no criticism of Clinton and he certainly has not "cut back" in response to such criticism that there has been.

It is almost enough to make one nostalgic for the 1970s.

That's crazy talk about being nostalgic for the 70s, but I get his point....

Michelle Malkin
also has a good roundup.

Gerald Ford - Rest In Peace.

Note to Readers: Sorry for the hiatus... Christmas with a 4 year old and a 1 year old will play havoc on you and does not allow for time to think and blog. But, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Later this week: 2007 Predictions from the Conspirators here.... and grades for last years' predictions!

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