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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sixer Summary - The Levee Was Topped

First, thanks to the GatewayPundit for joining Another Rovian Conspiracy out at Talent HQ. It was a good time - and the results certainly didn't end up contributing to the entertainment.

Ok, now to summarize the results from 2006.


First, regarding our initial call for Missouri - This is how we feel:

When we called MO, it appeared that St Louis County was breaking 6% for McCaskill - between the results of 2002 and 2004 - and that Talent would edge it out in a squeaker that would've resulted in a recount.

Apparently, that was wrong - and I blame DIEBOLD (and Dewars). As the precincts came in, the final break for McCaskill in St Louis County was by 12%, adding 50,000 votes to McCaskill's tally. This was the back-breaker. Had this stayed at 6%, it would've been close. Also, apparently the early reports about huge voter turnout in Jasper county (Bush at 70% in 2004) were incorrect. In 2004, there were 45,000 total votes in this rural county, with net 20,000 going to Bush. Had last night's the turnout reports been correct, it might have helped had St Louis County come in at 6% for McCaskill.

It looks like Webb is going to carry Virginia. I suspect that Dan Riehl feels the way we do about Missouri right now.

With Webb holding a small lead in Virginia (8,000 votes), the question is whether Allen would be able to improve his tally through a recount - a tricky strategy that normally favors Dems.

We called Virginia for Webb at 11.01 pm and projected that he'd win by 5,000 votes. Not far off the mark.

It looks like Tester is going to pull Montana out... small margin (approx. 2,000 votes)

Congrats to the Democrats
It was a hard-fought campaign with not a lot of specifics. Unfortunately for you, you have to govern now and the voters - apparently "voting for change" - will expect some results. Let's hope that your understanding of the change is in line with what the voters were thinking of when they pulled the lever for the Donks. Problem with your position is that you weren't for anything - and so you are actually for everything that every single voter thought you'd do.

The Progressive Mandate
Now, on to the actually policy initiatives... It's clear that this election was a mandate from America for a move to a more socialist progressive America. In keeping with that I recommend that over the next two years the Democratic Party do the following:
  1. Eliminate the Bush Tax Cuts - everyone likes tax increases and Bush will love to hand you a veto
  2. Start the investigations and subpoena Bush and Cheney. Everyone loves a showdown between the branches of government.
  3. Appoint an impeached former judge to be the head of the House Intelligence committee - that will sure show that "the Culture Of Corruption" is over in Congress. I mean, if you can't trust someone who was impeached for Bribery and Perjury with America's most sensitive secrets, who can you trust?
  4. Propose Universal Healthcare through a government takeover of the healthcare industry... hey, it's what pushed guys like Tester over the top, right?
  5. Kill the Patriot Act (again) - Nobody really believes that you have to stop the terrorists before they attack. It's just a matter of cleaning up the body parts after an attack and then aggressively sicking the FBI on the terrorists. That's how we fight terrorism
  6. Undermine the "illegal" domestic surveillance programs (even though they're only targeting communications from Al Qaeda into the US and are in all likelihood a huge data gathering algorithm keying on certain phrases. Hopefully we won't have to "connect the dots" after another terrorist attack and point to this.
  7. Federal Legislation on Same Sex Marriage - The American people have spoken and they want civil unions and/or full-blown marriage, regardless of gender.
  8. Finally, cut the funding for the Iraq war. Now that you have both chambers of Congress, it's within your power to do so. The American people are tired of the War in Iraq - however, I don't think that the American people are looking to turn Iraq into Vietnam - especially Saigon, circa 1975.
It should be an interesting 2 years. Unfortunately, with the Dems actually holding power for the next 2 years, my bet is that Lefty Moonbat sightings will decrease - as they start to believe that the Rovian Conspiracy really doesn't exist. I guess we'll just have to see about that....

And perhaps W should just let the Dems get what they want with most items, except for the taxcuts and the War On Terror - on which he should make firm stands and veto anything idiotic they push for.

Now - Can anyone tell me how I get to Galt's Gulch?

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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delf said...

that dog don hunt buddy

Anonymous said...


"Architect"??? Anybody seen an Architect around here??

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of scumbags......thanks, Karl.

Brian said...

I believe it was more Dewars than Diebold my good Saint. I'm sure you had your tongue firmly planted in cheek for the Diebold part, but of course our moonbat friends aren't going to believe that.

Ayman said...

The Republicans are finished! CWTR™

Monterey John said...

Ah well, we band of few, at least fewer than yesterday :(

Gateway Pundit said...

It was great to get with the "Conspiracists" last night. Thanks for the invite. Hopefully, next time it will be under better conditions.

Boy, we sure were off a bit what the heck. We had the 'audacity of hope' on our side.

St Wendeler said...

The Audacity of Hope, indeed.