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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Robin Carnahan, playing politics with voting ID

Robin Carnahan is Missouri's secretary of state, and as such responsible for the states elections. She was also opposed to the Voter ID law in Missouri (now overturned) that required a picture ID to vote.

Imagine my surprise then when I saw the following AP story (H/T from Greg Pollowitz over at

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri's chief elections official said Monday she was asked for photo identification at the voting booth despite a court ruling striking down the requirement.

"I'm guessing this may be happening in other parts of the state," warned Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, a Democrat who had opposed Republican efforts to mandate a photo ID in Missouri.

She said that a worker at the St. Louis Election Board asked her three times to show photo ID when she went to cast an absentee ballot Friday.

Carnahan said that she tried to explain a photo ID was not necessary, but that the election worker replied that she was instructed to ask for one anyway. Carnahan said she eventually was allowed to vote without displaying a photo identification.

"To have that experience personally was very troubling," she said.

The travesty! Why I'm sure it shook Ms. Carnahan to the core! I call BS.

The Missouri Supreme Court last month upheld a lower court's ruling overturning a law that would have required voters to show a photo ID issued by the state or federal government.

Scott Leiendecker, the Republican director of the St. Louis Election Board, said he immediately addressed the issue after Carnahan told him about it. The employee said she had asked Carnahan for a form of identification and indicated that a photo ID is typically what people show, but did not demand a photo ID, Leiendecker said.

As to be expected. Photo ID is the easiest form. And almost everybody has one, which is why the Voter ID law was passed. It provided a better solution than what we have currently to prevent voter fraud.

"I respect the secretary very much, she's a very nice lady, but I'm sorry about what she seems to think of us," he said.

St. Louis election workers are trained to mention a photo document as one option for identification, Leiendecker said, but not to require it.

In other words, Leiendecker called BS as well. Nice try, Ms. Carnahan. But stop trying to rig the vote for your party, and instead help the state prevent voter fraud.

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