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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pelosi Voters Stand Behind John Kerry

Here's what the Bay area constituents of our next Speaker of the House think about John Kerry's insulting remarks:

Should Kerry apologize?

Read the story that prompted this column

Vernon BurtonVernon Burton, San Leandro
For what? Telling the truth? If a few more so-called leaders started telling the truth about Iraq, maybe we could save some of those lives that are being thrown away for nothing.

Cynthia BournellisCynthia Bournellis, San Jose
When I heard Kerry's comment, I knew that it was not an insult to the troops but rather a dig to the Bush administration. However, I think Kerry should explain what he meant and apologize to the troops for any misunderstanding.

Janice Hough Janice Hough, Palo Alto
Kerry has already said he made a mistake. But hey, if the man was capable of competently telling jokes, he might have been elected president.

Jette Swan Jette Swan, San Francisco
No. I spoke to a former enlisted man about this story. He's livid -- at Bush. He says there's no need to apologize to the real veterans, because that's who Kerry was talking to in the first place -- and they understand him.

Amy Altschul Amy Altschul, Oakland
Why should a person apologize for telling the truth? The truth is, for those who are not educated, the military is one of their only outlets. This does not mean the people are stupid, it means they are uneducated. Their lack of education often means the military, which currently means Iraq.

Steve Ginthum Steve Ginthum, Sebastopol
His claimed attempt at humor was certainly insulting to our soldiers, and for that, he must apologize. He needs to hire a new writer, and then learn to deliver a line without stooping to the level of the right-wing name-callers.

Jo-Anna Pippen Jo-Anna Pippen, Albany
Kerry stated the obvious -- that if Bush had done his homework on the culture and history of the region, maybe we wouldn't be stuck there. The Republicans have nothing left to run on, so they mischaracterized Kerry's statement as an insult to the troops. The only things that Bush gets an "A" in are spin and hyperbole. He's managed an "F" in planning, execution and follow-up, and that has cost thousands of lives. Who really should be apologizing here?

Marc Huestis Marc Huestis, San Francisco
Stupid comment. Apologize and go away for a week. Keep the focus on Bush.

Miriam Rosenau Miriam Rosenau, Berkeley
No way. Since when are you supposed to apologize for telling the truth?

Richard Brinton Richard Brinton, Salinas
It would be a step in the right direction if Kerry would apologize for being a spineless worm when it comes to confronting the bloody war-mongers in the White House. He actually doesn't have the heart or the will to challenge Bush on his war crimes and corruption.

Jim Fong Jim Fong, Foster City
Kerry doesn't have to apologize -- he served in Viet Nam. Bush, on the other hand, has never served. He ought to suit up in his military uniform and lead our soldiers on the ground in Iraq. I would be very impressed.

When I first read this, I thought it was a parody from The Onion... one of their American Voices segments.

wow... those right-wing nutjobs that are calling for Kerry to apologize are really out of bounds, eh?

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Comments (2)
Brian said...

Remember a vote for a Dem (ANY DEM) is a vote for Pelosi and Kerry and Kennedy, etc.

They won't care how big their margin is, they will take the power. Kerry has just shown the true nature of his elite character...

jcrue said...

screw every last one of them. especially those how NOTHING about the military which based on the comments in the post, are most of them.