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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Media backs up Kerry, Maybe he was right?

Gateway Pundit has the goods on ABC.

They ran a headline "Kerry's Botched Iraq Joke: Maybe He Was Right?" It's a puff piece defending Kerry.

Lots more at Gateway Pundit.

On the "joke". How is the joke funny? Even if it was about Bush? After all, Kerry voted FOR the war, at least before he voted againts funding it. Bush, the intelligence agencies, other foreign nations, they all "did their homework". I'm assuming Kerry, "did his homework" as well before voting for it.

And to all the folks, saying that Kerry has apologized, and why even talk about this since he's not running for president anymore, etc. Remember, that Kerry along with Kennedy, are high-ranking members of the Democratic Senate. A vote for a Democratic senate candidate in Missouri, IS a vote for Kerry. Do you think Kerry will shut up and go wind-surfing if the Democrats control the house? No, he'll be chairing a Senate Committee.

Keep that in mind, when you vote November 2nd.

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ARC: Brian

Comments (2)
Anonymous said...

I can't belive that the repubs have any chance at all, with all the bias that is provided by the main stream media for the dems.

St Wendeler said...

If the Dems do not take the House & Senate in this environment, it raises serious questions (for the 3rd time) about their viability as a party.