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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Conspiracy will be Liveblogging this evening

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ARC: Brian and I will be meeting up with Jim from GatewayPundit at the Talent for Senate party this evening. We'll be liveblogging the results - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So, check back here and at GatewayPundit throughout the evening for our take.

*************** 6:15 CST ARC: Brian *****************
The Saint and I are now set up in our favorite place to watch a political campaign in action... The bar. Looks like the first few races are in. Nothing too surprising so far. CNN has a pretty good table of winners they've called here.

**************6:39 CST ARC:St Wendeler *************
CNN is projecting that Virginia Gay Marriage Ban has been approved, 62% to 38% with 5% precincts approving. If this trend continues, this is one indication as to why we shouldn't believe pre-election polls... Before the election, polls showed the measure would pass with just 53% approving.

More importantly, this shows that the VA GOP is turning out in record numbers and Allen will take the Senate. RNC is reporting that the GOP turnout in VA is higher than it was in 2004 - amazing for a midterm.

****** 7:07 CST ARC: Brian ***************

I'm hearing from sources that have been watching MSNBC, that they have reported that Joplin, MO ran out of ballots. Joplin is in Jasper county, which went 70/30 for Bush in 2004. Supposedly voters are able to vote on photocopies, which will then be transferred to real ballots, when more are printed. Turnout in Joplin is supposed to be around twice 2004 levels. If any of this is ture, that can't be good news for McCaskill. Support in rural Missouri is essential for a McCaskill win.

Geetings from the Left Coast...


****** ARC: Brian 7:17 ******
Looks like The News-Leader from Springfield is reporting that records will be shattered for voters this time around.

And hey Monterey, jump on in with your own observations... Or is the left coast sitting this one out, other than voting for the Terminator.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler


Left Coast is here... early numbers in Indiana and Kentucky not looking so good. Allen still breathing in Virginia. Indiana and Kentucky house races looking not so good.

Left Coast


House races in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana will tell the tale. We should know soon.

MontereyJohn Way out West


Fox just called Pa for Casey. Damn.



Let's continue the conversation in the comments of this thread. (Don't want us to walk over each other's observations.)

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Monterey John said...

3:47 LaLa time... not looking so good back East, but then again, perhaps we should ask President Kerry about exit polls.

Brian said...

Yep thats just what i was thinking,..