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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Analysis of Voter Sentiment from ProteinWisdom

Funny post at ProteinWisdom:

An Alternate Theory On The Election Results [posted by The Colossus]

Of course, an alternate explanation for yesterday’s events is that we are so insanely confident in our abilities in the War on Terror that we’re even willing to put Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in charge of the Congress.

Kind of like playing the second string in a college football blowout.

Garbage time, as it were. With the added mockery of having the misogynistic bastards getting beaten up by a woman. And Nancy Pelosi.

But that’s just a theory. Me, I’m stocking up on ammo and potassium iodide, and practicing my conversational Arabic.
Posted by The Colossus @ 06:19 PM

If only it was "garbage time" in the WOT. I have a feeling that we're closer to the beginning of the war than the end.

Now, if only we could convince the Dems that the war has started.

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