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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wild-Eyed Olbermann At Stupid Country

Stupid Country (blogger from the north east who's a rabid lefty, but is often willing to engage us in a civil debate) posts on one of Keith Olbermann's rants:

Beginning of the End? Could Easily Be

Keith Olbermann, MSNBCIt's been a very long time since I blogged, but I wanted to be one more point of light... ahem, I mean point of reference for Keith Olbermann's comment on the Military Commissions Act. I couldn't have put it better, certainly.

Stuff like this matters and needs to be heard.

All I actually have to add is a caution that all of these measures are presented as targeting "terrorists" -- incarcerating terrorists, interrogating terrorists, refusing to coddle terrorists and the like. None of these characterizations has the slightest truth to it.
"This President now has his blank check.

"He lied to get it.

"He lied as he received it.

"Is there any reason to even hope he has not lied about how he intends to use it nor who he intends to use it against?"

These measures all target individuals the Bush Administration accuses of being terrorists -- this being an administration with a history of imprisoning individuals without charge or justification for months or years because they see, rat out and photograph inconvenient realities, documenting America's abandonment of and disdain for moral authority in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. AP photographers, for example.

I think this is an extremely important distinction.

Now, if the Left really want us to take them seriously, they have to be honest about the Bush Administration. If the Bush Administration really had a "blank check" and really was as nefarious as the Left thinks them to be, why hasn't Keith Olbermann found himself in some 8x8 cell in Gitmo, enjoying the Duck La Orange with rice pilaf?

No, they have to invent violations of civil rights, such as the detainment of a photographer Bilal Hussein who has clear links to terrorists and was using his position with the AP to spread propaganda about the insurgents in Iraq.

I mean, if they want to find a victim of the Bush Administration, why is it that they can only find people to support who are actually enemies of the US?

No, in the real world the Bush administration isn't locking up the enemies of the right-wing Neocon Theocracy.... no, Bush is locking up terrorists and providing them with more civil rights than any enemy of the US has enjoyed in our history. (I don't seem to recall that the VC were shipped off to Gitmo for a military hearing.... same for the NoKos, the Nazis, the Japs, the Italians, etc.)

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Comments (3)
Iconoclast421 said...

why does the left need you to take them seriously?

what the left needs to do is take your kind seriously... the left needs to stop believing you're all just a bunch of bumbling idiots with your heads in the sand.

the left needs to learn that something much worse than mere ignorance has infected mainstream conservatism.

tonkingulfyachtclub said...

Why has no one been "disappeared" ala the Perons if this administration is so fascist?

St Wendeler said...

the left needs to learn that something much worse than mere ignorance has infected mainstream conservatism.

Yes... the fact that the MSM and the Left thinks we're ignorant is just a helpful cover that we use to disguise the fact that we're turning this country into a fascistic theocracy that the Taliban could only dream of...

but, shhh... don't tell anyone or Herr Rove and the Pentaverate (including Col Sanders & his weee beady eyes) will have me "suicided."

you twerp