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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Osama Speaks

Mark Goldblatt at NRO channels Osama Bin Laden on this Halloween day. Read it... hilarious and pointed.

Here's an excerpt, but read the whole thing:

You think I wanted a war in Iraq? No way, Jose! I was perfectly happy with the way things were going. You know, I knock down a couple of your skyscrapers, you topple the Taliban. Shot for shot. I mean, that’s only fair. By rights, it was my move again — ooh, I was cooking up a doozey! But then the bloodthirsty mongrel Bush decides to take out Saddam.

What sense does that make?

Now, suddenly, I’ve got to drop what I’m doing and send my first stringers into Iraq. Hey, you think IEDs grow on trees? And don’t get me started on the price of car bombs. You’ve got explosives to buy, bomb makers to pay, vehicles to acquire — you know the insurance rates on rentals in Fallujah? The cheapest part of the entire operation is the martyr. Even so, you know how many martyrs blow themselves up for every one we actually get on the road? Manpower’s never the problem though. We could run the entire shebang with just Palestinians for ten years.

The point is, every dollar I have to spend in Iraq is a dollar I can’t spend . . . well, never mind. The point is that Iraq is lose-lose. You want out. I want out. But Bush, the pharaoh of this age, wants to “stay the course.” Is that an answer? Stay the course. Stay the course. C’mon, who writes his material? I hear Democratic members of Congress mocking him, I see protesters in the street calling him a war criminal, I read the New York Times, and I think to myself that sanity might at last prevail in the United States.

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