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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An example of why not to send your kid to UNM Law School

From Instapundit today, was a link to an article by Christina Hoff Summers, author of the book War Against Boys, on a recent speech she gave at the University of New Mexico Law School.

The one paragraph that struck me as an illustration of how leftist ideology trumps education is the following (emphasis mine):

The day I visited campus UNM faculty members were organizing a teach-in on Guantanamo and manning tables to protest military recruiters on campus. Last year the faculty achieved a prized, long-term goal: it terminated a hugely popular "DA Law Clinic" where students worked with the local District Attorney's Office. The professors were uncomfortable with a program that prosecuted— rather than defended— accused criminals.

Wow. They had a program that would allow students the opportunity to gain real world experience with the law, but because it was associated with the prosecutor's office it was on the "wrong side". And what does this say about the logic capabilities of the faculty. Is there nobody that was prosecuted in the DA's office that deserved it?

Why not just get rid of the DA then?

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Comments (2)
Denny said...

When will the public realize that many so-called "learnimg centers" of higher education are shock full of left-wing ideologues who are bent upon indoctination of their student populations through leftist propaganda?

ptg said...

Remember when college campus "permissiveness" was considered a problem? Nobody did anything about it back in the 60's and 70's, now we are paying the price.