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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Regarding the Stem Cell Research kerfluffles that are breaking out across the land, I have to say that as more information about the ballot initiatives are known by the electorate, the less favorable the initiatives are viewed.

My big beef with Amendment 2 in MO is why in the heck does Stem Cell Research belong in our state constitution? I know there's all kinds of other b.s. in there, but seriously... when in comes to Constitutional Amendments, my gut reaction is "No." And I think other voters in the Show-Me state have a similar feeling...

But, wanted to post on the back & forth between the ads from each camp. First came Michael J. Fox saying that Talent wants him dead, dead, dead. Effective...

And here's a parody of that message from the Political Pitbull which I thought was hilarious:

Next up came Cardinal's ace Jeff Suppan, former Ram and SuperBowl MVP Kurt Warner, KC Royals player Mike Sweeney, and Jesus. I just have to say that when it comes to Missouri, these folks trump Alex P. Keaton any day.

And now, Michael Steele has come out with this ad, which is very effective.

However, if I'm to correctly understand the nature of our politics today, we've now entered the stage where each campaign is a battle over who has more diseases. Is that right? Can someone clear that up for me?

As far as Embryonic Stem Cell Research goes, the claims of its supporters are pretty bogus. Besides attacking opponents as neanderthals who want sick people and puppies to die, the proponents have claimed that with the help of embryonic stem cell research:

  1. Christopher Reeves would've walked
  2. Diabetes will be eradicated
  3. burn-victims will have new skin
  4. Cancer will be a thing of the past
  5. Multiple Sclerosis will be eradicated
  6. Parkinson's will be cured
  7. Alzheimer's will be cured
  8. Irritable Bowel Syndrome will be eradicated
  9. your checkbook will be balanced automatically each month
  10. Pigs will sprout wings and fly within the next 2 years
Just saying...

And the other idiotic reason thrown out there by proponents is that withouth Amendment 2 in MO, the people of the state of Missouri will be left behind when it comes to cures resulting from embryonic stem cell research. As if we are a fricken island and if the state of Illinois develops some cure, they'll withhold it from Missourians. We must have our own multi-billion dollar embryonic stem cell research program or we'll be left behind.

We cannot have an embyronic stem cell research gap!!!

***ARC: Brian Adds ***
Let me also highlight the gap in Michael J Fox's understanding (apparently because he hasn't read it!) of the amendment. Fox confuses the issue by stating that the embryo's that are being researched are "thrown away" from IVF. Embryonic stem cells used for research in this manner however are prone to genetic anomolies, which complicates the research process for cures.

But amendment 2 specifically targets something called Somatic Cell Nuclear transfer. This is the same process used to clone Dolly the sheep.

In simplified terms, an unfertilized egg would be harvested from a female, and its nucleus removed leaving the egg shell. Then a donor cell is removed from the body of another individual (non-egg, non sperm or somatic cell), and its nucleus removed and implanted into the empty egg cell. After some stimulation, the now combined cell develops (divides and reproduces) into a blastocyst, the early form of an embryo with around 100 cells. This blastocyst would then be used for research. One advantage of this method is that the resulting blastocyst has the same DNA as the original doner of the somatic cell making it effective for cure research.

To many, this would seem the exact same thing as cloning. Creating new life, identical to the host, solely for the purpose of doing research on it.

See HotAir and StopTheACLU for more coverage.

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