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Monday, September 18, 2006

Wizbang Inspired Bumper Sticker

I created a bumpersticker about the Pope/Islam kerfluffle. Please note that this was inspired by Jay Tea over at Wizbang. His words, my design.

Here you go... hot off the presses... Being sold to the public with zero profit.

Here's a link to the CafePress shop where you can buy this bumper sticker for just $2.99.

*** DISCLAIMER - Placement of this bumper sticker on your vehicle could result in firebombing or other damage. Another Rovian Conspiracy is not responsible for any damage that could result from parodying Islamist actions ***

See Michelle Malkin for latest violent reaction of the Islamists...

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Comments (3)
Brian said...

Now we're sure to get firebombed....

Anonymous said...

While I'm flattered that my words have had such impact, I have to admit I am slightly troubled that Cafe Press is making money off my words (even if you're not), and curious (and slightly annoyed) that I was not consulted or even informed about this action before it was taken.

That being said, I would have preferred a more formal, dramatic font. I prefer serifed fonts for this sort of thing, and I think it would have looked better in Palatino or Garamond.

Alternately, a font I have somewhere called "Kosher" would have been interesting. It's a font that looks like Hebrew lettering, and since Hebrew and Arabic are related, it would have been a subtle joke to some, and appropriate to others.

The green background and the sword are nice touches, too. I just wish I could have given this input to the use of my words before it was done.

(Jay Tea of

St Wendeler said...

Sorry, Jay Tea. Tried to send you an email, but couldn't find it on the blog. Trackbacks didn't work either (using Haloscan and Wizbangs standalone tool)... so I simply left a comment.

BTW, I don't expect any purchases (and there haven't been any yet).... given the fact that firebombings would be a likely result (as the disclaimer notes).