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Monday, September 18, 2006

W - How about following Howard's lead?

Saw this interesting post over at Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit. I think that statements such as these should be the first indication that a government is taking the global War On Terror seriously. (However, I am concerned by the fact that there is a "multicultural spokesman" for the Howard government...)

Australian Imams met in Sydney this past weekend and were informed on Friday that they may be made to pledge allegiance to Australia:
Australian Muslim religious leaders could be made to give a pledge of allegiance to Australia, as part of a proposal for a national board of imams.

The chairman of the Prime Minister's Muslim Community Reference Group, Ameer Ali, says imams in Australia have been neglected.

Dr Ali says this weekend's conference is a milestone for the religious community as for the first time it gives Muslim clerics a collective voice.

He says the proposed national board of imams will see a set of guidelines introduced, including a pledge of allegiance to Australia.
At the conference of imams, the Howard Government's multicultural spokesman, Andrew Robb, told the audience of 100 imams not think of themselves as victims:
Mr Robb also called on them to shun a victim mentality that branded any criticism as discrimination.

"We live in a world of terrorism where evil acts are being regularly perpetrated in the name of your faith," Mr Robb said at the Sydney conference.

"And because it is your faith that is being invoked as justification for these evil acts, it is your problem.

"You can't wish it away, or ignore it, just because it has been caused by others.

"Instead, speak up and condemn terrorism, defend your role in the way of life that we all share here in Australia."
Wow... They're not playing around in the Land of Oz.

My question is when will Bush be asking the Imams in the US to publicly pledge allegiance to the US? Or to have one speech which comes close to the clarity of Robb's statement...

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