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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moonbat Bloggers Get Their Kneepads Out

Lovefest about this meeting between the greatest man ever to walk the Earth and a gaggle of fringe, Leftist bloggers. Let's get a sense of the meeting from their own words:

My impressions? He [Clinton] looks a little older than I expected, though befitting someone who was president for eight years (and he was first elected 14 years ago). He's got beautiful blue eyes (this isn't something I normally notice, but in his case I did, and he does, and I suspect he uses it to good effect). The man is smart as hell. He knows a lot about everything, and he gets it, he gets politics, he gets people, he understands what's going on and knows how to get things done. His political advice is no-nonsense and straight forward - he'd rather take an issue on than run from it (oh for the days of that in a Democratic politician).

Oh, those blue eyes!!! I do declare!

And yes, Clinton was always the one to take on an issue rather than run from it. From Al Qaeda to North Korea to Social Security to Sworn testimony in front of a grand jury. That Clinton was always straight forward and ready to tackle the problem in a straight-forward manner!

Continuing with the excerpt.... a rundown of the Moonbats that a former President has time to meet with:
Among those attending, that I can recall, were Atrios, Joe in DC and me [from AmericaBlog], Chris Bowers and Matt Stoller from MyDD, McJoan from DailyKos, John Amato from Crooks & Liars (by phone from CA), Jane and Christy from FDL, Liberal Oasis, Steve from CarpetBagger, Jeraly and son from TalkLeft, Dave Johnson from Seeing the Forest, and I'm sure a few others I'm forgetting.

Quite an assemblage of Moonbats. Here's my breakdown of the major ones:
  1. Atrios - King of the Open Thread. Advertisers pay him big bucks because he's clever enough to provide ZERO content for his readers
  2. AMERICABlog - gaggle of Moonbats
  3. MyDD - People Powered Politics for those that don't trust the people
  4. McJoan from DailyKos - unhinged Kossack Lieutenant. Apparently Clinton isn't worthy enough for Markos, the Kossack Supreme
  5. John from Crooks & Liars - In Love with Keith Olberman and his anti-Bush lovefest every night. What are his ratings again?
  6. Jane & Christy at FDL - When they're not photoshopping their political opponents (both within and outside of the Democratic party) into blackface, they're keepin' hope alive on the Wilson/Plame Fitzmas party. Reality has no impact on these gals! (Note - When the NY Times is too conservative for you, you're unhinged)
  7. etc
Back to the event:
The lunch was only scheduled to go for an hour and he stayed with us for two. I think that means he enjoyed himself, which is good. It's of course fascinating to be in the presence of someone like Clinton. You feel for a moment a part of history, a witness to history. And you get a small glimpse at greatness. For a politico, this kind of lunch is a life's dream. But on a more practical side, as I said at the beginning, these kind of meet-and-greets are what make politics work when it works - the importance of the personal cannot be overstated. We get more done working together than working separately, and that's one of the main messages we delivered.

Wow... sounds like a religious experience.

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