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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The mark of a good writer...

Reading Lileks this morning. And he caused more thought and imagery* in my mind in a couple of sentences, than most writers can do with entire paragraphs.

Gazebo weather. That says it all now, doesn’t it. Beautiful fall day, but busy. Had to take the car to the repair shop this morning, so they could spend four (!) days repairing the abrasions visited on my car two weeks ago. Apparently it takes a day for each coat to cure. I’ve known people get heart surgery in less time, but of course the doctors didn’t paint their arteries with a patented epoxy. I waited for 15 minutes to get another car – and that’s America, right there. I need a car! Hold on, sir, I will conjur up a suitable vehicle in a quarter-hour. Take a seat and read a magazine.

I did; they had Highlights (haven’t checked in on the Timbertoes in a while) and Time, which I stopped reading long ago. Just as newspapers are for people who didn’t read the internet the day before, Time is for people who didn’t read the newspapers.
Says a lot about today's media culture.

And don't forget this one.
The car is a Merc – a Sable, I think. It’s okay. Punchy enough for the class but it has that slightly cheap feel you expect in a rental, and the same vague air of soaked-in resignation rental cars seemt o have. They belong to no one, and they know it. What’s most interesting is the smell - it's a commercial air freshener not available to the general public, and it reminds me of motel rooms. It’s the smell of someplace not your own, the smell of rented things and common items that have now passed into your hands, for a while. I like it. It smells like adventure.

I have the same reaction. Something about a hotel room smell. Your not at home, your in the wild. With business travel there's a mission, and with vacation travel, there are sights to see. Either way, and adventure.
Chlorine has the same effect. Reminds me of motels, swimming pools, vacations. It would make a nice girl's name: Chlorine.
Chlorine can take me back to being 15 in a heartbeat. My first job was as a lifeguard/swim instructor. Although it didnt pay well, it was probably the best job one could have growing up.

*I actually had to look this word up. I spent probably 10 minutes staring at it. Is this a sign of old age? Losing one's ability to spell? Or is it a sign of the internet culture where spelling perfectly takes too much time, dammit!

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