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Friday, September 08, 2006

Clinton, Albright, and Berger Criticizing "Path to 9/11"

Why does anybody give a damn what Sandy Berger thinks? He lost all credibility regarding National Security and 9/11 in particular when he walked out of the 9/11 documents room with confidential papers stuffed in his tightie-whities.

And Madeline Albright? She lost all credibility on National Security when.... well, she never had credibility on national security to begin with, but this was surely the moment when it became clear that she would never have credibility with regards to national security.

And doesn't this picture accurately reflect the Clinton Administration's efforts against Al Qaeda during the '90s?

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Brian said...

Ahh the 90's.. when the biggest issue facing the country was the shutdown of the American government, and poor tourists not being able to go to the Washington Monument.

When almost every political statement could be parsed as an attempt by the chief executive to get laid....

Anonymous said...

Note that a huge number of "flight 93" passengers rebooked from "flight 91"
Here is a summary from a team8plus-correspondent, who just watched it:
"....It was about three people who had planned to go on flight 93 but then didn't. One,
whose name was given as Frank Robertazzi, said he decided to leave a little later than the time scheduled
for flight 93 so he changed his ticket for a seat on flight 91, which was scheduled to leave at 9 a.m.
TV viewers were given a shot of the ticket. It listed UA 91, September 11, gate 18, boarding at 8:50 a.m.
According to Mr. Robertazzi, he went to the airport to catch that flight but was told it was cancelled because of the plane that flew into Tower One.