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Monday, September 11, 2006

Because Even Moonbats Can't Take the Day Off

The Moonbats decided to head to Ground Zero to protest Chimpy W. McBushitler! (Click the video below to see it on

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The commenters to the video think these people are courageous for speaking out. True, but it should be noted that they're all a bunch of loons, Alex Jones in particular. They complain about the silence and the lack of dissent, yet they're speaking out publicly and not being rounded up by the fascist police state. No, they're being featured by the Associated Press.

Some of those featured are prominent lefties and their orgs:
Alice Sturm Sutter

  1. member of Stop CAFTA (Apparently doesn't like helping the poor in Central America;
  2. Member of the National War Tax Resistance Coordination Committee (or, as I like to refer to them, the "NWTRCC")
Litsa Binder
  1. Founder of Northwest New Jersey Peace Fellowship
  2. Member, United for Peace
Alex Jones - See if you want to lose some brain cells.

***Update ARC: Brian ***

My own two cents. Saw this on Outside the Beltway and felt it was probably best by adding to this article (caution bad language):
But, anyway, just a big hearty fuck you to the White House and the news media who have decided this day is largely a personal narrative about George Bush, a man who was almost entirely absent on that day then had a big giggle before falling asleep early. It isn’t about him, and unless you were in New York or Washington or were close to people who were directly affected, it’s probably not about you either.

It's funny how Bill Clinton receiving oral sex from an intern while on the phone with a congressman discussing troop movements is considered not "absent" from the job, but George Bush staying out of potential harm's way while leading the nations defense while being attacked is considered being absent and "having a giggle".

To atrios and the rest of the left, 9/11 isn't about Bush, it isn't aobut Bill Clinton either for that matter, it's about America and the threat we face.

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Comments (2)
Anonymous said...

no, absent is what bush's mind was that morning.

he was informed of the first plane hit before he even got in his limo that morning. the secret service (you know, the guys who are supposed to protect the president) were already on a phone bridge hearing about multiple hijackings before he even went in the classroom, and when the 2nd plane hit he just sat there.

i'm not so mad at bush though, i know he isn't the real issue here, but have you ever asked yourself this:

why didn't the secret service evacuate the president of the united states knowing that there were ongoing multiple hijackings, and that 2 towers had already been attacked? why didnt they remove the president to a secure location?

oh and one more, why didnt the 9/11 commission bother asking?


St Wendeler said...

Well, Anon... you're very astute.

You and I both know the reason that the Secret Service (or the "SS" as I like to call them) didn't "evacuate" the President. They knew that he wasn't a target, but the perpetrator of 9/11. You see, it wasn't LIHOP or even just the federal government being caught "flat-footed."

No, it was all a PNAC / Neocon (aka Jewish) plan and as many have claimed, Bush made it happen on purpose (MIHOP)

Kudos to you for figuring it out.

Your prize is to be conscious of your country is turned into a fascist / corporatist state.

But, please keep it hush-hush. The Pentaverate, the Illuminati, and Col Sanders with his wee beedy eyes would not be too pleased with me for spilling the beans....

St Wendeler
Another Rovian Conspiracy

(Does Anon really believe that stuff or does he just want me to have some fun?)