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Monday, September 11, 2006

ARC Reviews The Path to 9/11

Unlike my counterparts in the blogosphere, I've held off on commenting (to a great extent) on the kerfluffle over ABC's The Path to 9/11 until AFTER I watched the show. I have to say, the acting was pretty poor and here's my assessment of the content:

  1. It's pretty clear that this is a docudrama, not a documentary. They have scenes in which Atta is talking to fellow hijackers in coffee shops about their religion, followed by scenes of Atta cleansing himself in preparation for martyrdom. Transcripts of such conversations are not available, but provide the viewer with context. That Albright thinks any portrayal of her role should rely on transcripts of her conversations shows that she is more stupid than how she was portrayed in the docudrama.
  2. Dick Clarke & John O'Neil are clearly portrayed as the heroes.
  3. The villains are not Clinton, Berger, Albright, Bush, Condoleeza, or Cheney, but rather bureaucratic ineptitude and deference for being politically correct. I suppose the only villain that I could gather from the film would be Jamie Gorelick, creator of "the wall" between the FBI and the CIA. Of course, she wasn't mentioned by name in the film (nor in the 9/11 Report, since she actually was part of the committee).
  4. After 9/11, our thoughts about the threat we faced has changed, but we are still prone to our old, bureaucratic ineptitude and desire to be politically correct
  5. The State Department bureaucracy did not (and perhaps still do not) have National Security as their primary interest.
  6. The CIA under George Tenet was a disaster. The guy was a putz and the fact that his influence spanned two administrations is very telling regarding our response to international Islamofascism. I'm disappointed that he wasn't fired shortly after 9/11.
It was sad how ABC had to kow-tow to the dictates of the liberal moonbats... That they edited away scenes because Sandy "My Undies are in a bind because of the classified documents" Berger wasn't pleased with the way he was portrayed shows that some the MSM is still beholden to administrations of a bygone era.

*** UPDATE ***
Thanks to Media Lizzy for reminding me of another item that I failed to mention in my original post:

7. The Fallen Lion of Panjshir, Ahmed Shah Massoud, was another hero in the docudrama and in real life. He was the canary in the coal mine and knew the danger that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda represented for civilization. His assassination by Al-Qaeda was a severe blow against the US and its allies in the region. Had he lived, I suspect the result in Afghanistan would be even better today. (And, like the other conversations that were portrayed in the movie, I doubt that each actually took place word for word. No doubt that Madeline Albright will rise up and sue ABC over the falsified memory of Massoud.

All I want to know is where can I get a Massoud t-shirt? Rip-off the Che stylings and put Massoud on the front.

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