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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Moonbat confusion over the political implications of the War On Terror

Great post at DU this evening, as I sit my keister waiting for my flight to arrive.... 2 1/2 hours behind schedule.

Touch Of Gray
Posted by Plaid Adder in General Discussion
Thu Aug 10th 2006, 06:55 PM
So, a major terrorist plot is foiled in England, airline traffic is FUBAR for the forseeable future, and now all of us who have to get on planes any time soon will be dealing with not only our own panic but everyone else's.

And how does the Bush administration feel about this? Well, apparently, they're stoked.

Someday, just once, I want to see someone get up in public and ask why it is that Americans are expected to feel safer with a guy in power whose political fortunes are linked this closely to terrorism. Doesn't it bother anyone else to see that every time something either blows up or almost blows up, the Bush administration lackeys get out there and say, "Hey, fabulous, this is really going to boost our approval ratings"? Wouldn't you rather have someone in power who did not see terrorism as a political godsend? Wouldn't you maybe trust a guy more whose whole political survival didn't depend on things like this happening? Who, you know, didn't think terrorism had an upside?

I merely ask.

All I have to say is that it wouldn't benefit Bush politically if the Moonbat Leftists that bought, paid for, and now own the Democratic Party didn't attempt to undermine our efforts in the War On Terror at every turn - or if they just allowed themselves to pay lip service to the realities of the Global War on Islamofascism terrorism.

My point is, it's not Bush's fault that the Dems have given him an issue where the difference between the Left and Bush is as clear as night & day and anything that reminds the electorate that we are in a war on terror benefits those that are willing to fight it and not those that would prefer to stick their heads in the sand and talk about universal healthcare instead of the threat that's been building since the 1970s...

just saying... perhaps I'm a bit picky...

Unless of course the Plaid Adder is implying that the foiled terrorist attacks were part of some Rovian plot, because that would be dead on. I mean, since Bush's political fortunes are so intricately intertwined with Islamofascism's persistent attacks, it's understandable that he would aid them in making the next attack, right? (The Twinkie-meister lends a hand in the moonbat-o-sphere!!)

And perhaps Rove is behind the defeat of Joe Lieberman, the one Democrat that the Left could point to as having some spine when it came to battling the Islamofascists - making the Left look all that much more wimpy than it already does.

It makes so much sense! The Genius of Karl knows no bounds...

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Comments (3)
Brian said...

2 and 1/2 hours? Ouch. Have a scotch for me...

That Bar between C and D concourses... Or the sushi place right outside D?

How are the security lines at LGA? At least its a divide and conquer strategy there...

St Wendeler said...

Security lines at LGA are much better than what I would imagine at STL.

divide and conquer works well.

problem was the weather that hit about 30 min after my flight was supposed to leave..... which was delayed b/c of the security probs in the system.

Monterey John said...

Good grief, stuck in LaGarbage the model for Hell. I am soooo sorry. I've done my time there and have no intention of ever returning.

You should have heard Olberman (sp?) tonight. He referred to the "alleged terrosrist plot" in England... etc. You get the picture. The guy is nuts. I lasted about 90 seconds and flipped over to O'Reilly.

Anyway, hope you made it home OK.

Damn, I'm sure glad I'm not doing any traveling just now.