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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Know Your Enemy

Great post put together by Jay Tea at Wizbangblog:

Know your enemy

With the rising pressure for Israel to declare a ceasefire in Lebanon, I think it's time to do a quick recap on the differences between Israel and Hezbollah.

Hezbollah: Terrorist organization masquerading as political party, occupying a portion of a sovereign state.

Israel: Sovereign state.

Hezbollah: Brutal theocratic thugocracy.

Israel: Representative democracy, with citizens of all races, sexes, and faiths fully eligible to participate.

Hezbollah: Expulsion of all Jews from Israel, either by death or retreat.

Israel: To be left in peace.

Preferred weapon:
Hezbollah: unguided rockets loaded with ball bearings and other items designed to maximize the death, injuries, and other carnage at civilian targets.

Israel: precision-guided bombs and missiles (often with reduced warheads from standard) to minimize damage beyond their precise targets.

Defense of civilians:
Hezbollah: use civilians as human shields, some willing and some unwilling, to deter Israel from attacking them.

Israel: Requires nearly all buildings to have bomb shelters, evacuates whole cities under bombardment.

Hezbollah: Wear civilian clothes, mingle among actual civilians to be undistinguishable until they pick up their weapons.

Israel: Wear uniforms, display markings that clearly indicate their combatant status.

Conditions for peace:

Israel: End of attacks by Hezbollah, disarming of Hezbollah in accord with United Nations Resolution 1559.

Attitude towards deaths of children (Lebanese):
Hezbollah: Outrage and cause for further attacks on civilians.

Israel: Regrettable, cause for pause and reflection and re-evaluation of tactics.

Attitude towards death of children (Israeli:)
Hezbollah: Cause for celebration.

Israel: Cause for renewed strikes on the attackers, redoubled efforts to protect other children, deep mourning.

Hezbollah: Creation of Iranian thugocracy to strike against Israel.

Israel: Restoration of ancient Jewish homeland by United Nations mandate, in lands where Jews have maintained an uninterrupted presence for roughly 3,000 years.

Hezbollah: Islamic green upraised arm holding AK-47 on field of yellow.

Israel: Blue Star (or shield) of David between blue horizontal stripes on field of white, representing a tallit (prayer shawl).

Is there any question about which side we should be rooting for?

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ARC: St Wendeler

Comments (2)
Catnapping said...

Israel is a terrorist state. They have been kidnapping and torturing Lebanese citizens for decades.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing, Some Arabs have been trying to eliminate Israel for years, The Jewish have lived under an oppressive hand off and on for 3000 years, but it's Israel that is at fault.