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Friday, August 11, 2006

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be on 60 Minutes Sunday

I listened to Mike Wallace being interviewed by Sean Hannity yesterday on the radio. What a train wreck. Wallace sounded (pick one or more): a. senile, b. jet-lagged, c. drunk or d. hopelessly delusional. Hannity was very gentle and respectful of the old pillar of CBS, but there was no hiding the fact that Wallace is a fool.

Wallace clearly approved of the Iranian nutjob no matter how he tried to hide it. He was also clearly sympathetic to the argument that Israel (The Zionist Entity) was the problem and that but for Israel, all would be well with the world. You see, Israel was inflicted on the Muslim world in 1947 as cover for European guilt. Assuming there was a Holocaust, something the Iranian nutbag does not concede, the reparation should have been Europe's problem and not the Muslims.

Wallace, though he does not admit it, appears to agree. He covers his sympathy with "journalistic professionalism" cliches, "I am not a commentator" (like hell you're not, Mike!). It is a painfully thin cover.

Truth be known, there is an internal logic to what the Iranian president says as I have noted in a previous post. The world was not fair in what they did in 1947 in carving Israel out of Arab land. But we are now 60 years past that. We have a new reality with which to deal. Israel is there. That point is clearly lost on Wallace.

I am not sure I will watch the interview or not. I am not sure my blood pressure can take it. On the other hand, it surely will be revealing of the MSM biases, ignorance and agenda.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the interview tonight. I could not believe Mike Wallace's behavior! As an American related to George Washington...I just don't know anymore. The Iranian prez hit the nail on the head..ESPECIALLY when he said about 45 million Americans having no health insurance. I have been all over the U.S, now in the deep South. Most Americans here and very unhappy with our country's situation. We need to focus on the problems here. The Iranian president sure was intelligent..he had a much broader view. So many Americans are ignorant to the real picture here at hand. I no longer will sit here like a dummy. America needs to wake up and take care of our own country. God Bless the USA and I hope Bush will wake up and take care of HIS OWN PEOPLE!