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Monday, August 14, 2006

Daily Dose of DU

Do I really need to comment on the following?

Husb2Sparkly Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Mon Aug-14-06 02:03 PM
Original message

Is there not even ONE 'brave' soul on DU (or *anywhere* on the left) ..... Updated at 9:08 AM

..... who wants to deny there are bad people all around the world who would do whatever it takes to kill Americans and American allies?


I didn't think so.

Is there even one 'brave' soul on our side who would allow terrorist groups to plot, plan, and then execute an act of terror on anyone anywhere?

I didn't think so.

But ya see, here's the deal. They continue to conflate the plain-as-day fact that terrorists exist and are real and are hell bent to get us with their stupid fucking oil drenched occupation of Iraq.

And what that's done is muddy the idea that we 'would do things differently'.

On Iraq, specifically, when any idiot Dem pol says "I would have run the Iraq War differently", they deserve a foot squarely placed in their sphincter (or sphincterette, as appropriate).

In the argument being waged on Main Street, that hurts us more than helps.

Because, without the intentional conflation, that is *exactly* the right answer for dealing with the terror bad guys.

But this seems to be an argument we can easily lose. Unless, rightnowtodaythisminute, we hear people on our side harping on this point non-stop. The public knows the deal about the UK bust. They **know** no shots were fired and no guys with humvees and night scopes on intimidating helmets and dessert cammo were involved.

But until we can unconflate (Is that a word? If not, it is now, cuz you know what it means.) Iraq and terrorists, we have a very hard time getting our message out there on how fucking STUPID they've been and how much smarter *anybody* else would be ...... including the fucking Cub Scouts led by a Den Mother, fer krissakes.

Rightnowtodaythisminute, we can start to disconnect the two, if only because **we** could capitalize on and politicize the same damn thing Rove can.

The UK busts ..... talk about it ...... Rightnowtodaythisminute!

Vash the Stampede Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Mon Aug-14-06 02:08 PM
Response to Original message

2. Usually, I like your posts.

This one, not so much. It's nearly incomprehensible.

Husb2Sparkly Donating Member (1000+ posts)

Mon Aug-14-06 02:16 PM
Response to Reply #2

5. I reread it .... Updated at 9:08 AM

*I* know what I said. Why don't you?? :)

Lemme try the short version:

War on Terror conflated with Iraq War

"I would have done it different" is a bad messgae for Iraq/good message for WOT

With UK Bust being fresh, we have a good opportunity to politicize the bust for OUR benefit - if we act right now.

I hope that clarifies. (Thanks for the kind words, too!)

skeeters2525 (140 posts)
Mon Aug-14-06 02:13 PM
Response to Original message

3. fFirst Vietnam, Then Main Street

We heard the same BS since the beginning of time. If we don't fight them in Vietnam. They will march into downtown Los Angeles. Well we lost Vietnam. Where are they?

Here's my solution to fighting terrorism. Impeach Bush. Problem solved. We all live together.

We will always have enemies. Because the Pentagon needs enemies. Otherwise we may look at how moronic they really are.

My advice.

The media is in on it as well as the White House. Ignore every stupid word you read about terror.

Get out and talk to people about what this Country should be about. People are sick of this stupid war, and wasting billions that should be spent here.

Ignore every code whatever color. Ignore the Bin Laden tape which will be released once a week up to the election.


AZDemDist6 Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Mon Aug-14-06 02:15 PM
Response to Original message

4. "we'd have been better off with Kerry's plan of intensified police work

than Bush's 'premptive war'. All these terrorist plots have been stopped by good police." is what I'm saying most days.

sandnsea Donating Member (1000+ posts)
Mon Aug-14-06 02:16 PM
Response to Original message

6. Bin Laden is a CIA operation

Yes, there are people on DU who would deny that there are terrorists or bad people wanting to kill Americans. Far too goddamned many of them.

Otherwise, I'm with the poster above, not following the point of your post.

"intensified" Police work... as long as it doesn't involve listening in to terrorist communications or monitoring terrorist bank transactions or monitoring terrorist internet traffic. Or sharing info from the CIA to FBI... or, or, or... yeah, that's "intensified." Of course, I don't recall Kerry ever using the word "intensified."

And whatever we do, we'd better not attack the jihadists and kill them in their own country. That's warmongering for profit, you know?

Yeah, that sounds like a plan. We need to get more of this type of discussion out to the electorate - quick.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Comments (2)
Monterey John said...

The first one tickled me... the British got their bust last week without be rough.

Obviously the writer knows nothing about how the Brits operate. I commend any works on the SAS, perhaps NEMISIS, to see just how gentle the Brits are. Perhaps the poster hould talk to the IRA and any alumni of Cell Block H.

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon."

Stupid Country said...

Oh, I dunno, I think I get what the original poster was trying to say. It's just frustrating to observe, each time someone connected with terrorist groups gets busted or killed, Bush's poll numbers on the issue of dealing with terrorists bump up a few points. Hard to stomach when you realize that the very same maroon who insisted on...[insert usual indictment of the Iraq idiocy]...thereby uselessly side-tracking much of the US's anti-terrorist capability, gets credit for having a coherent plan to make Americans safer. The number of Americans who still make the spurious link between Iraq and the things the US does to genuinely protect itself keeps declining but is still depressingly high.

What part of that is hard to follow?