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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Calling All Chickendoves! Calling All Chickendoves!!!

Vinnie at MyPetJawa has an excellent suggestion to the Moonbat-o-sphere:

Shut Up And Serve, Chickendoves

Well, well, now the time is come for all good smelly hippies to come to the aid of their international community.
There were no signs of further clashes, but the flare-up underlined worries about the fragility of the cease-fire as the U.N. pleaded for nations to send troops to an international force in southern Lebanon that is to separate Israeli and Hezbollah fighters.
Why, we have a vital peacekeeping force able to serve in this dire time right here in America. Some of them are at "Camp Casey," some of them are marching in San Francisco, some of them are marching, well, wherever in the hell they march.

Thousands upon thousands, on a regular basis, get out and burn American and Israeli flags, and threaten counter-protestors, and destroy property, in the name of Peace.

I call on Kos, and Atrios, and Jane Hamster, and Arianna Huffington, and Deb Frisch, and Noam Chomsky, etc. etc. ad nauseum, to exhort their bloodthirstyless hordes to do what's right in the name of Peace.

Get your chicken asses over to southern Lebanon and do your duty for peace, justice, and the Leftist way. The United Nations needs you. NOW!

I agree... now is the time for those that champion the UN way of doing things, those that require a "global test" before making any foreign policy decision, to put their butts where their mouths are.

*** UPDATE ***
As if on cue, the French (ie, Chickendoves Supreme) have decided they will only provide 200 of the originally promised 15,000 troops - at least, until Hezbollah and Israel will provide "safety guarantees" for its soldiers.

Check out this Cox & Forkum post (click for text as well as their 'toon):

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